Microsoft Takes The Veil Off Of Xbox One S

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Every generation of gaming has always introduced a new version of the same console. Usually smaller, a bit more refined, but over the past two generations these “Slim” versions have added features to take advantage of new tech without pushing hardware up to full upgrade where it is new kit. In the Xbox One Slim that Microsoft revealed today the Xbox One Slim is part of Microsoft new family of Xbox One consoles that are intended to meet tech demand with consumer interest at the same time.


Halo 5 or Reach Reboot?

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Hey guys, I don’t know about YOU, but i think Halo is doing a complete turn around. The new Halo 5 looks just like Halo Reach.  Now with that in mind what is new about the game? Different story line, but with the exact same gameplay as halo reach? When you think about it both […]


Games With Gold Hit List For June 2014

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It’s a new month, and for Microsoft game console platforms the Xbox 360 and Xbox One it is another Games With Gold line-up.  This month is more special due to Microsoft Xbox‘s division re-calibrating the program. Starting this month gamers will get the opportunity to keep their games so long as they hold onto a […]