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PlayStation 4 System Software 2.0 Brings Games Share Without Ownership To Gamers


Listen to this Post Sony finally took has delivered on their game sharing strategy outlined almost a year ago. Gamescom 2014 was the stage and Sony made it a moment.  System Software 2.0 is the much needed update for the Playstation 4is part of a larger addition to making the console better for gamers. The […]

Ninja Theory Returns To Gaming With Indie Action Title “HellBlade”


Listen to this Post For the better part of a year the gaming universe has been speculating on where developer Ninja Theory was hiding. Since their great work on  Capcom’s reboot of the “Devil May Cry” series we all wanted to know when they would return with a new IP. In fact their was/is a […]

Q-Games Leaps From PixleJunk Series To 3D “The Tomorrow Children” PS4 Exclusive


Listen to this Post Q-Games has established a great reputation with gamers, especially on the Playstation platforms. One of their marquee titles “PixleJunk” set a tone for the Japanese studio that they are now building on. Rather than stay in the lane of 2D Q-Games is venturing out in a whole different direction. Today during […]

Xbox One Beta Footage Of Destiny Appears Online


Listen to this Post Well Neogaf is at it again being the source of leaks from the gaming universe winding up on the site. Amazingly though, this is could be a great thing with the fact that Activision and Bungie’s megaton new IP “Destiny” is less than two months away, with a Beta dropping across […]

Project Beast Is PS4 Exclusive Titled Bloodborne By From Software


Listen to this Post From Software and Sony took the lid off the bag and revealed the head of the beast. Project Beast that is. The game coming from the critically acclaimed developer is a PS 4 exclusive titled Bloodborne. The game follows From Software’s diabolical horror filled portfolio they have created in recent years. Not […]

Ready at Dawn’s The Order: 1886 Gorgeous Game Demo Shown Off At Sony E3 2014 Conference


Listen to this Post We have been teased, teased, and teased as much as we possibly could take by Sony and Ready a Dawn for their PS4 title “The Order: 1866″. Well at Sony’s 2014 E3 conference they went more in depth, and gave us some game play demo that really gave everyone more insight […]

Uncharted 4 PS 4: Naughty Dog Returns Nathan Drake To A Thieves Universe


Listen to this Post The Sony E3 2014 press conference was a mixed bag. I can’t say it’s good or bad because there was much to digest, and I’m still chewing my food. What I did like in my gaming event meal was the last morsel that Naughty Dog developer extraordinaire showed off, and that […]

Will Microsoft Stun E3 2014 With Augmented & Virtual Reality Technology?


Listen to this Post With E3 2014 set to kick-off by Microsoft in an hour and a half. I thought I’d bring attention to news that has been waffling, although hinted at over the past year. With Occulous Rift, and Sony‘s project Morpheus gaining ground, along with companies like Samsung and Google pushing Virtual Reality […]

PlayStation E3 2014 Conference Movie Theaters Experience Is A New Event Paradigm Shift


Listen to this Post If you have not been aware, or missed the announcement Sony has reserved movie theaters for their Monday evening E3 2014 press conference. The response was so overwhelming that Sony added more theaters to compensate. Unfortunately some locations are absolutely sold out. Sony doing something like this though does bode well […]

Games With Gold Hit List For June 2014


Listen to this Post It’s a new month, and for Microsoft game console platforms the Xbox 360 and Xbox One it is another Games With Gold line-up.  This month is more special due to Microsoft Xbox‘s division re-calibrating the program. Starting this month gamers will get the opportunity to keep their games so long as […]

Former Sony Executive Jack Trentton Returns To Gaming Via SPIKE TV’s E3 Show


Listen to this Post   There are very few if any industries where consumers, media, and other executive peers celebrate their the guy in a suit and tie. In fact “The Man” is usually the label given to executives who sit in the ivory tower of companies creating policies, and focusing on money. With more […]

From Software’s “Project Beast” PS4 Title Video Gameplay Leaked


Listen to this Post It had to happen. With Microsoft’s Xbox One releasing news on games early before E3 2014 and gaming news organizations embargoed. Leaks are itching to happen. From Software‘s PS4 “Project Beast” has been called an exclusive or secret title being worked on by Sony Computer Entertainment & From Software. Without any confirmation […]

Microsoft Is Listening To The Wrong Consumer Feedback About Xbox One & Kinect 2.0


Listen to this Post You have to love a platform that allows anyone to be who they want to be, say what they want to say, and be part of a community that they choose. At the same time no accountability, and mob mentality can not only skew conversations, but also subvert ideas and concepts […]

PS 4 MLB 14 The Show Reinvents Baseball Gaming


Listen to this Post   For years now the second best sports game has been “MLB The Show” for Playstation consoles. I say second best only because not every gamer across consoles and PC get a chance to experience the sport of baseball in the excellent fashion by which Sony’s San Diego development studio delivers […]

EA Gets To Publish Respawns TitanFall 2 & It Will be Multiplatform


Listen to this Post Without a doubt Respawn Entertainment is the hottest new triple “A” studio, and their partnership with EA on TitanFall. As one of the first huge titles of this new generation, the game was resounding success. Especially for Microsoft since it was an exclusive title for the Xbox One. The caveat is […]

GameFace The Android-based VR headset

Listen to this Post GameFace is an Android-based virtual reality headset. Labeled as a self-contained headmounted VR. Players have no need to hook up any other device or equipment to use it. In a weird twist to showcase the headset the company is openly using an Oculus Rift development kit for it’s optics. Ed Mason in speaking […]

Sony Enters The Virtual Reality Arms Race With Its Morpheus Project

Listen to this Post     Sony Computer Entertainment took the reigns off of Project Morpheus. It hasn’t been the best kept secret for the past month and half; but true knowledge of what Sony’s VR headset is all about became apparent yesterday. Titled “Driving the Future of Innovation at Sony Computer Entertainment” at GDC […]

One Year Later, Is The Playstation 4 Riding A Success Of Hype More Than Substance?

Listen to this Post 2013 started with a resounding announcement on February 20th when Sony unvieled the Playstation 4. Showcasing a well thought out, and designed console for a new generation of gamers. The battle cry and mantra “For The Players” has led the charge inspiring the kind of confidence only seen in the hey […]

Sony Has A Ton Of Confidence In Infamous Second Son Doing Well For PS4


Listen to this Post As the first month of the new draws to a close information that was non-existent has started to trickle out in the gaming universe. One such title that we are receiving more info on is Sucker Punch‘s “Infamous 3” sequel for the Sony’s Playstation 4. Infamous is one the best exclusives […]

Revisting Insomniac Games “Sunset Overdrive” Townhall Livestream

sunsetoverdrive_Layer 12-noscale

Listen to this Post Not much after E3 Insomniac Games held a Town hall Livestream on their new announced title “Sunset Overdrive”. The stunning debut and ultimate revelation that the once second party of Sony; best known for it’s exclusive titles on Playstation was now making games for Microsoft’s Xbox platform took the world by […]

PS 4 Version The Definitive Tomb Raider Experience: Exploring Next-Gen Tech


Listen to this Post For whatever reason that is still beyond my comprehension Tomb Raider‘s last year reboot was deemed a failure by SquareEnix financially although the game sold 3.4 million copies in it’s first month. Wow…Yeah, k; but for gamers Tomb Raider was a success because Crystal Dynamics was able to reestablish Lara Croft […]

Naughty Dog Doubts You’ll See PS4 Uncharted in 2014


Listen to this Post It’s no doubt that Naughty Dog is one of the most prominent and respected console developers in the world. Although they have exclusively worked mainly as a Sony first party studio. They have been able to achieve really great results on Sony platforms since the first Playstation. Not only developing great […]

The Last of Us’ Single-Player DLC “Left Behind”


Listen to this Post “The Last Of Us” is one of those cornerstone games that come along in an era where words like “Dope” “Awe” “Amazing” don’t come out your mouth often enough to convey how extraordinary the play experience  is. The game makes you uncomfortable, but satisfied in an unusual way that leaves a […]

Xbox One Without All The DLNA Options Xbox 360 Has Is A Travesty


Listen to this Post If you like me have been fortunate to play or have access to an Xbox One or Playstation 4 then you have had time to mess around with it’s features. Although in full disclousre I personally have yet to purchase either console, and that is a  choice based on the information […]

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