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PS 4 MLB 14 The Show Reinvents Baseball Gaming


  For years now the second best sports game has been “MLB The Show” for Playstation consoles. I say second best only because not every gamer across consoles and PC get a chance to experience the sport of baseball in the excellent fashion by which Sony’s San Diego development studio delivers it. Baseball inherently is […]

EA Gets To Publish Respawns TitanFall 2 & It Will be Multiplatform


Without a doubt Respawn Entertainment is the hottest new triple “A” studio, and their partnership with EA on TitanFall. As one of the first huge titles of this new generation, the game was resounding success. Especially for Microsoft since it was an exclusive title for the Xbox One. The caveat is the fact that as […]

GameFace The Android-based VR headset


GameFace is an Android-based virtual reality headset. Labeled as a self-contained headmounted VR. Players have no need to hook up any other device or equipment to use it. In a weird twist to showcase the headset the company is openly using an Oculus Rift development kit for it’s optics. Ed Mason in speaking with Polygon had this […]

Sony Enters The Virtual Reality Arms Race With Its Morpheus Project


    Sony Computer Entertainment took the reigns off of Project Morpheus. It hasn’t been the best kept secret for the past month and half; but true knowledge of what Sony’s VR headset is all about became apparent yesterday. Titled “Driving the Future of Innovation at Sony Computer Entertainment” at GDC 2014. The house of […]

One Year Later, Is The Playstation 4 Riding A Success Of Hype More Than Substance?


2013 started with a resounding announcement on February 20th when Sony unvieled the Playstation 4. Showcasing a well thought out, and designed console for a new generation of gamers. The battle cry and mantra “For The Players” has led the charge inspiring the kind of confidence only seen in the hey day of Playstation dominance. […]

Sony Has A Ton Of Confidence In Infamous Second Son Doing Well For PS4


As the first month of the new draws to a close information that was non-existent has started to trickle out in the gaming universe. One such title that we are receiving more info on is Sucker Punch‘s “Infamous 3” sequel for the Sony’s Playstation 4. Infamous is one the best exclusives migrating from the Playstation […]

Revisting Insomniac Games “Sunset Overdrive” Townhall Livestream

sunsetoverdrive_Layer 12-noscale

Not much after E3 Insomniac Games held a Town hall Livestream on their new announced title “Sunset Overdrive”. The stunning debut and ultimate revelation that the once second party of Sony; best known for it’s exclusive titles on Playstation was now making games for Microsoft’s Xbox platform took the world by surprise. More impressive was […]

PS 4 Version The Definitive Tomb Raider Experience: Exploring Next-Gen Tech


For whatever reason that is still beyond my comprehension Tomb Raider‘s last year reboot was deemed a failure by SquareEnix financially although the game sold 3.4 million copies in it’s first month. Wow…Yeah, k; but for gamers Tomb Raider was a success because Crystal Dynamics was able to reestablish Lara Croft as the queen of […]

Naughty Dog Doubts You’ll See PS4 Uncharted in 2014


It’s no doubt that Naughty Dog is one of the most prominent and respected console developers in the world. Although they have exclusively worked mainly as a Sony first party studio. They have been able to achieve really great results on Sony platforms since the first Playstation. Not only developing great Ip’s, but also being […]

The Last of Us’ Single-Player DLC “Left Behind”


“The Last Of Us” is one of those cornerstone games that come along in an era where words like “Dope” “Awe” “Amazing” don’t come out your mouth often enough to convey how extraordinary the play experience  is. The game makes you uncomfortable, but satisfied in an unusual way that leaves a bucket of mixed emotions […]

Xbox One Without All The DLNA Options Xbox 360 Has Is A Travesty


If you like me have been fortunate to play or have access to an Xbox One or Playstation 4 then you have had time to mess around with it’s features. Although in full disclousre I personally have yet to purchase either console, and that is a  choice based on the information along with play testing […]

Playstation 4 Sales Dominates At 4.2 Million


To say that Sony made the best moves of 2013 in the way they released the Playstation 4 is to discount the pedigree of the Playstation brand being a strong one. The Playstation 4 press coverage, and fanbase came out in droves. With Microsoft selling 3 million Xbox One consoles in 13 countries. Everyone has been waiting […]

Microsoft’s Xbox One Achieves 3 Million Consoles Sold Since Launch


Weathering a game console storm launch like never seen. Microsoft was able to succeed in the face of warranted and unwarranted critisim of it’s Xbox One platform. Gamer‘s were able to see through all the fud, and in doing so made the Xbox One more than a viable console for the next generation. As of […]

PlayStation Now Game-Streaming Set For Summer 2014


Back in 2012 Sony acquired streaming service Gaikai in July from renowed programmer and game industry alumm David Perry with ivestors in Acclaim and others for $380 million. Gaikai at the time was one of two cloud streaming technologies that were developing a distribution platform for gaming. Onlive was the first out the gate, ultimately the gaming service tanked. Gaikai […]

Xbox One Commercial “Invitation”


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Next-Gen Nonsense


Since the Xbox One, Playstation 4 & Wii U have all finally been revealed to the World we are finding increasing amounts of substance-less garbage being spewed across the internet regarding the industries future as well as upcoming video game consoles. At a time we should all be embraced with pure excitement we seem to […]


Adam Sessler is always someone that gives a perspective on games, and the industry that is worth not only listening to, but digesting. In his latest video from last week, he breaks down what he’s seeing from both Microsoft, and Sony. He gives his thoughts on what the view will be for the Xbox One, […]

Playstation 4 Gamers Really Want Titan Fall…Bad


Every new generation of game’s console worth it’s salt has to have a killer game app that exemplifies why the console should be invested into by gamers.  Through out gaming’s illustrious history there have been examples that are good, and bad. Serving as reminder how important first impressions are that killer game can appear day, […]

Microsoft Must Leave Kinect 2.0 Mandatory To Xbox One Experience

oculus rift

Make no bones about it we were front and center with everyone after Microsoft’s reveal of the Xbox One back in May 21st that their messaging was horrendous. From executives to PR people not being on the same page. The Xbox One had a rough start. It took those of us in the media a […]

Happy Birthday to Ken Kutaragi: Father Of Playstation Turns 63


Leave it to a Leo to do something great. Today is Ken Kutaragi‘s birthday. He is the father of the Playstation. Born in Tokyo Japan on August 2nd, 1950. Ken had a love for toys and electronics. After graduating from Denki Tsushin University in 1975 with a BS in Electrical Engineering. He landed a job […]

Sony What Happened To 7 Gigs Of Memory For PS4 Games?


By now the Internets are ablaze with the unconfirmed rumor from that the much heralded memory power that the PlayStation 4 had in 7 gigs for game developer use is now only 4.5. Reserving 3.5 gigs for the OS (Operating System). Apparently there will be some “flexible memory” of 1 gig additionally that developers […]

Playstation 4: The 20 Features You Should Know About


Sony takes the veil off of features that we both know about, and don’t know about concerning their new console the Playstation 4. From the limited function of switching between apps, and gaming sessions; to the removal/replacement of the hdd for a larger one. The Playstation 4 offers over 20 features that will strive to […]

Why Is “Ryse” Son Of Rome Being Slept On By Gamers?


  E3 2013 was a very sureal event for both gamers and the gaming industry at large. What made this E3 different started well before Microsoft’s May 21st reveal. One could contend that the messaging around Microsoft’s new console started with the leaks of what the system would be almost 2 years ago next month. […]

Playstation Fans Love Insomniac Again For New Ratchet & Clank Nexus


When Insomniac came on stage at Microsoft’s E3 2013 conference, and showcased their new title “Sunset Overdrive” for the Xbox One; they went from Playstation gamer’s darlings to an also-ran developer. You heard everything from the developer losing it’s touch; games like Resistance on the PS3 were horrible. It was like overnight all of the […]