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Grand Theft Auto 5 Crushes Entertainment Records: $800 Million + in 24 Hours

I got a chance to be at the launch event for Grand Theft Auto 5 in NYC where Rockstar Games showed up with food trucks, tees, and give-aways for gamers at a Game Stop that was selling the game at midnight. It was in that moment that I got to really soak it in that […]

GTAV: Security Fitness & Entertainment


So the Grand Theft Auto 5 website gets an updated explaining what gamers will be able to do in fictional Los Santos & Blaine County. Apparently the special new sections highlight why the “west coast destination is a fitness buff’s paradise, along with an overview on law enforcement and security for your peace of mind, […]

The Force That Is Grand Theft Auto 5 In This 3D Map


It’s safe to say that the biggest game on the planet outside of League of Legends will be Grand Theft Auto 5. The fandom, and anticipation is reaching a fevered pitch that will not subside till next year. To say the game is robust is beyond inappropriate in gauging how big this game will be. […]

Grand Theft Auto 5: The 12 Goals of Epsilonism

Grand Theft Auto 5: The 12 Goals of Epsilonism

  Rockstar Games is slowly, but surely getting their marketing machine going for Grand Theft Auto 5‘s fall release.   The latest effort takes a page directly from in game media, and communication. Take any Grand Theft Auto title, and some of the most memorable moments have to do stuff you hear on the radio, billboard adverts, […]

New Post has been published on PSN: Grand Theft Auto “Vice City” Grand Theft Auto Vice City will turn 10 years old this year. As the sequel to the grand daddy that set it all off; Grand Theft Auto 3. Vice City took the crime drama to another  city, and time. Vising the 80′s, […]

New Post has been published on New Grand Theft Auto 5 Photos

Grand Theft Auto V May Release October 2012 *Rumor*

Grand Theft Auto V May Release October 2012 *Rumor* Apparently a character Animator, Mr.O’Dwyer from Rockstar Games posted his resume on LinkedIn (I don’t like that site, and this a reason…Phishers!) which outlined his work on Grand Theft Auto V. There is not much going in detail, but the picture below does tell us something […]

Max Payne 3 Contest: Win A Trip To Brazil

Max Payne 3 on May 15,  and Rockstar Games are giving fans a reason to want this mercenary bodyguard shoot fest.  Gamer’s will have a reason to get giddy as they can play the game before it release in may, and a chance to  fly down to Brazil for the Sonar São Paulo music festival.  You […]

During Comic Con NYC 2011 Rockstar gave journalists a treat by showcasing Max Payne 3. We didn’t get to post much from the show do to the redesign of this site. We will still use the content, but in a refreshing way. Back on topic though, Max Payne 3 is something special. What we were […]