Sony Is Ready For E3 2016 With For All Your Coverage

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With just 6 days left till E3 2016 everyone and everything is on deck for Sony to have a big conference. Especially with all the rumors swirling around an upgraded Playstation 4 set to premiere alongside the Playstation VR. We also have games to look forward to such as game-play footage of “The Last Guardian” a game ten years in the making. There should be more games that will showcase what Sony has planned as last years presentation mainly talked about games that would not be out in 2016, so we should be getting updates to them as well.


For Sony PSVR & PS4 Upgrade To Be King More Exclusives Are Needed

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Sony is no doubt up to something with a new console upgrade. Although silence is golden, it sometimes can set nerves on edge. For many PS4 gamers who both love the platform, and love what Sony does in the gaming space. The current domination by the platform holder shouldn’t be messed with. Those who feel this way have some credibility. When you take a look at Sony’s competitors such as Nintendo, and Microsoft anyone of them can emerge as a dominant force if Sony’s new move to an upgraded PS4 is done with any mistakes.


PS 4 InFamous Second Son Black Out Glitch

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A Reddit user posted a very interesting, and weird happening in his PS4 game of “Infamous Second Son”. Apparently he is not the only one experiencing a black out in the game where the entire in game city of Seattle goes pitch black. There is a solution, but it’s a bit cumbersome to initiate. A player […]