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Xbox One Will Showcase Exclusive Live Gameplay Of The Division At Gamescom 2014

Tom Clancy's The Division Wallpapers - M

Listen to this Post The next 23 months of the new gaming generation is going to be packed to the gills with mega titles. For the first time rather than be seasonal, major game titles are going to dominate year round. One such title that has garnered an amazing amount of hype, anticipation, and just […]

Microsoft Is Listening To The Wrong Consumer Feedback About Xbox One & Kinect 2.0


Listen to this Post You have to love a platform that allows anyone to be who they want to be, say what they want to say, and be part of a community that they choose. At the same time no accountability, and mob mentality can not only skew conversations, but also subvert ideas and concepts […]

Gamers Can’t Make A Case For PSN+ Without Acknowledging Xbox Live Gold Has Been The Best


Listen to this Post I’m not saying which is bad or good, but if you all care to let me make a couple of points. “If”you believe that PSN+ is better than you are in full support of subscription services for online playing. Which for many people who are Playstation gamers or owned a Playstation […]

How Futuristic Is SledgeHammer’s “Call Of Duty” Advanced Warfare?

call of duty-advanced

Listen to this Post Last week Activision’s development house Sledge Hammer Games took the reins off of their first “Call of Duty” title “Advanced Warfare“. The game was staggering in terms  of ambition. Showcasing in game footage from the Xbox One version of the title. The game was signature Call of Duty. “Advanced Warfare” takes […]

Machine Games Doles Out New details on Wolfenstein: The New Order Via Reddit AMA

Listen to this Post Earlier today new details on Wolfenstein: The New Order were revealed during a Reddit AMA. Bethesda & Machine Games have really poured alot into the fabled franchise that the house of ID created so many moons ago. Wolfenstein: The New Order is one of a few titles of this new generation […]

PS 4 InFamous Second Son Black Out Glitch


Listen to this Post A Reddit user posted a very interesting, and weird happening in his PS4 game of “Infamous Second Son”. Apparently he is not the only one experiencing a black out in the game where the entire in game city of Seattle goes pitch black. There is a solution, but it’s a bit […]

Sony Enters The Virtual Reality Arms Race With Its Morpheus Project

Listen to this Post     Sony Computer Entertainment took the reigns off of Project Morpheus. It hasn’t been the best kept secret for the past month and half; but true knowledge of what Sony’s VR headset is all about became apparent yesterday. Titled “Driving the Future of Innovation at Sony Computer Entertainment” at GDC […]

One Year Later, Is The Playstation 4 Riding A Success Of Hype More Than Substance?

Listen to this Post 2013 started with a resounding announcement on February 20th when Sony unvieled the Playstation 4. Showcasing a well thought out, and designed console for a new generation of gamers. The battle cry and mantra “For The Players” has led the charge inspiring the kind of confidence only seen in the hey […]

Sony Has A Ton Of Confidence In Infamous Second Son Doing Well For PS4


Listen to this Post As the first month of the new draws to a close information that was non-existent has started to trickle out in the gaming universe. One such title that we are receiving more info on is Sucker Punch‘s “Infamous 3” sequel for the Sony’s Playstation 4. Infamous is one the best exclusives […]

PS 4 Version The Definitive Tomb Raider Experience: Exploring Next-Gen Tech


Listen to this Post For whatever reason that is still beyond my comprehension Tomb Raider‘s last year reboot was deemed a failure by SquareEnix financially although the game sold 3.4 million copies in it’s first month. Wow…Yeah, k; but for gamers Tomb Raider was a success because Crystal Dynamics was able to reestablish Lara Croft […]

Naughty Dog Doubts You’ll See PS4 Uncharted in 2014


Listen to this Post It’s no doubt that Naughty Dog is one of the most prominent and respected console developers in the world. Although they have exclusively worked mainly as a Sony first party studio. They have been able to achieve really great results on Sony platforms since the first Playstation. Not only developing great […]

Playstation 4 Sales Dominates At 4.2 Million


Listen to this Post To say that Sony made the best moves of 2013 in the way they released the Playstation 4 is to discount the pedigree of the Playstation brand being a strong one. The Playstation 4 press coverage, and fanbase came out in droves. With Microsoft selling 3 million Xbox One consoles in 13 countries. […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts Epic Night Out Action Trailer


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Who’s Launch Hurts From The Delay Of Watch Dogs? Xbox One or PS 4

Listen to this Post In a statement/Press release Ubisoft has delayed the launch of their much anticipated game “Watch Dogs”, and the impact is being felt across the gaming industry. Not only gamer’s who have been frothing at the mouth for the new espionage & open world game, but retailers like GameStop are in scramble […]

AMD’s ‘Mantle’ API To Revolutionize PC performance & End Microsoft’s Direct X 11 Standard


Listen to this Post Gaming has had huge week from the technical and PC side of the realm. Valve announced the Steam OS, along with Steam Machines which will use Linux as its foundation.  The biggest news may have come from AMD. Straight from the universe of console development, AMD has “Mantle” during their announcement […]

IGN Live Stream Of Sony’s 2013 Tokyo Game Show Keynote

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Xbox One Could Have A Powerful Discrete GPU Core In It’s APU


Listen to this Post Last week during Hotchips Conference Microsoft peeled back the veil on some the SOC design of the Xbox One. Since then many who have questioned the power of the Xbox One in relation to the Playstation 4 have been very surprised about just how customized the console is. This has lead […]

Playstation 4 Gamers Really Want Titan Fall…Bad


Listen to this Post Every new generation of game’s console worth it’s salt has to have a killer game app that exemplifies why the console should be invested into by gamers.  Through out gaming’s illustrious history there have been examples that are good, and bad. Serving as reminder how important first impressions are that killer […]

Microsoft Must Leave Kinect 2.0 Mandatory To Xbox One Experience


Listen to this Post Make no bones about it we were front and center with everyone after Microsoft’s reveal of the Xbox One back in May 21st that their messaging was horrendous. From executives to PR people not being on the same page. The Xbox One had a rough start. It took those of us […]

Sony What Happened To 7 Gigs Of Memory For PS4 Games?


Listen to this Post By now the Internets are ablaze with the unconfirmed rumor from that the much heralded memory power that the PlayStation 4 had in 7 gigs for game developer use is now only 4.5. Reserving 3.5 gigs for the OS (Operating System). Apparently there will be some “flexible memory” of 1 […]

Playstation 4: The 20 Features You Should Know About


Listen to this Post Sony takes the veil off of features that we both know about, and don’t know about concerning their new console the Playstation 4. From the limited function of switching between apps, and gaming sessions; to the removal/replacement of the hdd for a larger one. The Playstation 4 offers over 20 features […]

PlayStation 4 Will Be Region-Free


Listen to this Post Sony’s Brad Douglas has stated that the Playstation 4 will be region free. This means that gamers who purchase their console anywhere in the world will be able to enjoy games from different areas of the world as well. So if you want games made in Japan, by developers, and publishers […]

PlayStation 4: Will Cost $399 With No Used Game Restrictions


Listen to this Post Yesterday to a roucaus crowd cheer Sony took the viel off of the Playstation 4. Showing off an “italic” box design that is not just sleck, but powerful on the inside. Then the spectacular came when Sony announced the price of the game console would be $399, and not have any […]

SONY Debuts More DriveClub: E3 2013 Official Trailer

SONY Debuts More DriveClub: E3 2013 Official Trailer

Listen to this Post   Sony shows off a more Drive Club for the Playstation 4 with an E3 2013 official trailer that show’s off the game’s club driving. Elijah Murray

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