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On August 27th 2014 You’ll Be Able To Play Mario Kart 8 With Mercedes-Benz Cars


Nintendo’s Wii U platform does not have tons of great momentum going for it. The next gen console has not been able to live up to Nintendo’s expectations as well as gamers. So every piece of encouraging news about the platform getting better in some way is a highlight worth talking about. For instance, Mario […]

Project Cars Wii U version To Be Released In 2015


Slowly the Wii U is starting to become a viable platform for gamers looking for a place to play. Nintendo being Nintendo they still carry a huge cache, and judging by the positive reception of their digital E3 2014 presentation. To that end the car racing game “Project Cars” is set to appear on the […]

Mario Kart 8 Pushes Over 1.2 million Units In Worldwide Sales In First Weekend Release

Mario Kart 8

Fine, the Nintendo Wii U is not the breakout next generation console Nintendo and many gamers wanted it to be. Is there time to right the Wii U ship in a better direction? Actually the answer is yes. Especially when you keep in mind that Nintendo’s brand power is one of the most powerful not […]

Twitch Releases It’s E3 2014 Broadcast Schedules


The extremely popular gaming content video service has released it’s own schedule for broadcasting E3 2014 where they will have the Twitch booth (South Hall #501). Attendees at E3 will be able to be part of the live broadcast as audience members. Much like other content broadcasters in the past, crowd participation is part in parcel […]

Nah Son…No Multiplayer For Wii U Batman Arkham Origins.


The WiiU is still officially a next generation console despite all the ignoring most the gaming community is having with Nintendo’s new machine. It also does not help that developers are not also. Picking, and choosing how they want to develop for the console has been interesting to watch. Activision does not plan to abandon […]

Happy Birthday to Ken Kutaragi: Father Of Playstation Turns 63


Leave it to a Leo to do something great. Today is Ken Kutaragi‘s birthday. He is the father of the Playstation. Born in Tokyo Japan on August 2nd, 1950. Ken had a love for toys and electronics. After graduating from Denki Tsushin University in 1975 with a BS in Electrical Engineering. He landed a job […]

Bayonetta 2: E3 2013 Developer Walkthrough


  Nintendo let’s Platinum Games talk about how they went about developing Bayonetta 2. Showing off incredible over the top game-play. 

Microsoft Lost Their Best E3 In Years Due To Restrictions For Xbox One


The internet has been ablaze since Microsoft first revealed their Xbox One console. You name the scrutiny, and allegation. The criticism levied at Microsoft & their next gen console platform has been off the charts. From all parts of the gaming industry has been loud, and deafening. The worst part about it for Microsoft is […]

Mario x Zombies: Mario Z

Mario Z Will he be in the next season of Walking Dead? Nah, but this sculpture of a zombiefied Mario of Nintendo’s Super Mario brothers franchise is pretty slick. Related articles Super Mario Ethan Morgan vs Mario Kaeppeli Bodysurf Evolution of Mario Video

More Microsoft Exclusives Hurt Sony PS4


  Sega was the # 1, and best first party publisher/manufacture in the world. Nintendo never had the breath of original, and exclusive titles that Sega had. Nintendo got by with rehashing their most popular franchises in Mario, Metroid, and a couple of others. Releasing all matters of genre bending that included their roster. Rarely […]

Nintendos 2013 E3 Presentation Absense Is A White Flag


Nintendo yesterday stated that will not have a traditional E3 presentation like they had years past. Gamer’s for years looked forward to seeing Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo put on a spectacle +. E3 is the biggest gaming event of the year. It’s where publishers, developers, luminaries, businesses, journalists, and anyone remotely interested in gaming attends. […]

Sony’s Focus Is Next Gen Not Their PS4 Console


Since Nintendo brought gaming from the hole of disaster with the NES. New consoles have used advanced technologies to deliver better gaming experiences. To be fair even before Nintendo the trend was up held. Every new console generation has come with the bells, and whistles. The consoles that succeeded though were the ones where the […]

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New Post has been published on Pach-Attack! X Annoyed Gamer Hyper Turbo Special Part I & 2 As a gamer, and journalist one of my favorite things to do is listen to others in our industry discuss the overall nature of the industry from varying perspectives. I’m more of the mind set to be […]

Rayman Legends Wii U Trailer

So Nintendo has announced the “Nintendo Network” which is a fancy way of saying they plan to take online gaming seriously for Nintendo systems. It’s about time to be honest. The announcement,  came via their website, where they preview in power point style their plans for this year.

Kid Icarus is bad ass. He was there from the NES days, but somehow some way the little God got lost in rise of the Big N. To anyone growing up with the Nintendo wanted to know what happened to him. On the list of priorities Kid never fit in with the publishers efforts on […]