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Learn All About Phil Spenser The Head Of Microsoft Xbox Division


In today’s industries across the world leadership is at a premium. Absolutely critical to the success or failure of a business platform. As we edge closer to convergence within technology, and lifestyle. It is important that areas of interest are holistic, but identifiable in their purpose, and vision. Microsoft’s Xbox One was mired in the […]

BloomBerg TV: Microsoft’s Xbox Entertainment Vision


So much has been happening as of late with Microsoft since apointing their new CEO. Many divisions have been consolidating, as well as expanding, and in some cases graduating in status commitment/focus. Phil Spenser has gone from being Microsoft Studios head to now the honcho in charge of the entire Xbox eco-system. This new position […]

Target Drops Xbox One 1 Price To $330 and offers a $450 TitanFall Xbox One Bundle


The benefits of competition are coming early for gamers. Target has lowered the price of an Xbox One to $330 dollars. Awesome news right? Wait it actually goes a bit deeper. Target is also offering an Xbox One bundle that is worth $450 dollars. What’s in the bundle you ask? Well how about the fact […]

EA Gets To Publish Respawns TitanFall 2 & It Will be Multiplatform


Without a doubt Respawn Entertainment is the hottest new triple “A” studio, and their partnership with EA on TitanFall. As one of the first huge titles of this new generation, the game was resounding success. Especially for Microsoft since it was an exclusive title for the Xbox One. The caveat is the fact that as […]

One Year Later, Is The Playstation 4 Riding A Success Of Hype More Than Substance?


2013 started with a resounding announcement on February 20th when Sony unvieled the Playstation 4. Showcasing a well thought out, and designed console for a new generation of gamers. The battle cry and mantra “For The Players” has led the charge inspiring the kind of confidence only seen in the hey day of Playstation dominance. […]

A New CEO For Microsoft’s New Era: Satya Nadella

New Microsoft Chief Executive Officer of, Satya Nadella

The rumors of Microsoft naming a new CEO in Sataya Nadella have not only been confirmed it is being welcomed as a new era for the tech giant. So much so that Satya Nadella‘s transition to top dog will be welcomed by a more involved Bill Gates, who will step down as chairman to the […]

Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Shows Slow Growth While Overtaking Vista’s Market Share

Microsoft Windows Tuneup

Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 was able to overtake their own Vista operating system in January. Ironically in an earlier post detailed how Microsoft’s & it’s myriad of OS has been just as much responsible for the emergence of alternative OS emerging. In effect forcing PC’s to compete against themselves. Placing fourth-place right behind Windows 7, […]

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook, & Apple Disclose New Info On NSA Requests


The major Tech giants are approaching the U.S National Security Agency requests with more detail in terms of offering elaborate transparency in new reports. Apple last week was first out the gate with details that many are still mulling over. Microsoft, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, & Google have done their diligence by releasing similar information into […]

Apple Dominates Q4 As PC Makers Continue Losing Ground


  The demand for PC sales are slowing at a more substantial rate than many in the space may like, while Google the giant disruptor makes gains on Microsoft with the Android OS, Apple continues to dominate with tablets further eroding the PC and Windows once mighty hold. Canalys  has released their Q4 figures tracking […]

Michael Pachter Calls Xbox One Rumor Of Disc-Less Edition…Dumb Idea


Earlier today along with other gaming sites posted some unverified rumors that have come out from website Neogaf user. We won’t glorify the persons name here but, many in the gaming media along with us; have been questioning some of the statements. Mainly due to a few of them being the sort that would […]

Revisting Insomniac Games “Sunset Overdrive” Townhall Livestream

sunsetoverdrive_Layer 12-noscale

Not much after E3 Insomniac Games held a Town hall Livestream on their new announced title “Sunset Overdrive”. The stunning debut and ultimate revelation that the once second party of Sony; best known for it’s exclusive titles on Playstation was now making games for Microsoft’s Xbox platform took the world by surprise. More impressive was […]

Xbox One Rumor Mill: White Xbox One, March Update, Halo & Titan Fall Bundle


 The rumor mill for Microsoft’s Xbox One is on ten right now. Forum posters at NeoGAF  have been posting information regarding insider information on what the console will evolve into for 2014. Specifically it seems Microsoft is preparing to release a major Xbox One update in March that will address Xbox Live service, dashboard issues, […]

Where Do Black Tusk, Rod Fergusson & Microsoft Studios Take Gears Of War?


Not soon after the reveal that Microsoft Studios has now the full rights on “Gears Of War” much the same way they have with “Halo” the internets went ablaze with wonderment of where Black Tusk & Rod Fergusson will go with the franchise? For some perspective Gears of War 3 was for all intents and […]

Microsoft Secures Gears Of War IP From Epic Games For Xbox Platforms


The inevitable conclusion to the marriage of Epic Games and Microsoft’s Gears of War series ends not with a divorce but full custody of the successful franchise series going to Microsoft. In a reported deal just under $100 million dollars, Microsoft disclosed that Gears of War will now be an exclusive property; while former production […]

PS 4 Version The Definitive Tomb Raider Experience: Exploring Next-Gen Tech


For whatever reason that is still beyond my comprehension Tomb Raider‘s last year reboot was deemed a failure by SquareEnix financially although the game sold 3.4 million copies in it’s first month. Wow…Yeah, k; but for gamers Tomb Raider was a success because Crystal Dynamics was able to reestablish Lara Croft as the queen of […]

Tackling Marketing Of The Gaming Industry


  This week has been fairly an interesting one with regards to marketing and promotion of the Xbox One. With the reveal that Youtube network Machinma in partnership with Microsoft were looking to solicit positive coverage of the Xbox One on their Youtube channels. A firestorm of credibility accusations, NDA’s, and shady tactics are surfacing. […]

Project Spark For Xbox One May Just Be The Minecraft Of Next Gen Gaming


Microsoft last week announced that their upcoming game by Team Dakota, “Project Spark” is available on PC for beta testing. We were sent our invitation, but are reserving it for the Xbox One beta. The invite can be used for either the PC or Xbox One console. Seemingly flying under the radar of all the noise of […]

Joseph Staten Returns To Microsoft Game Studios


This news is Orca big. Like didn’t even see this one coming. No, I’m not being sarcastic. Joe Staten is heading back to Microsoft Studios. Duuuuuuuuddddde. Let me spell this out real quick. If you wanted to know where the philosophy and grit of soul for Halo has come from it was Joe’s involvement with […]

Xbox One Without All The DLNA Options Xbox 360 Has Is A Travesty


If you like me have been fortunate to play or have access to an Xbox One or Playstation 4 then you have had time to mess around with it’s features. Although in full disclousre I personally have yet to purchase either console, and that is a  choice based on the information along with play testing […]

Playstation 4 Sales Dominates At 4.2 Million


To say that Sony made the best moves of 2013 in the way they released the Playstation 4 is to discount the pedigree of the Playstation brand being a strong one. The Playstation 4 press coverage, and fanbase came out in droves. With Microsoft selling 3 million Xbox One consoles in 13 countries. Everyone has been waiting […]

Microsoft’s Xbox One Achieves 3 Million Consoles Sold Since Launch


Weathering a game console storm launch like never seen. Microsoft was able to succeed in the face of warranted and unwarranted critisim of it’s Xbox One platform. Gamer‘s were able to see through all the fud, and in doing so made the Xbox One more than a viable console for the next generation. As of […]

Xbox One Commercial “Invitation”


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Next-Gen Nonsense


Since the Xbox One, Playstation 4 & Wii U have all finally been revealed to the World we are finding increasing amounts of substance-less garbage being spewed across the internet regarding the industries future as well as upcoming video game consoles. At a time we should all be embraced with pure excitement we seem to […]

Microsoft’s Albert Penello Is Right No 50% Power Gap Between Xbox One & PS4


In Microsoft’s attempt to be more active with messaging, and engaging some of the outspoken gaming community. Albert Penello took to both Twitter, and posting forum NeoGaf to refute rumors of an additional dgpu in the Xbox One, as well explain the misinformation of a performance gap between the Xbox One, and Playstation 4.  The […]