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Xbox One Blows The Roof Off Gamescom 2014 With “Quantum Break” Live GamePlay


  To say that Remedy and Microsoft have created huge expectations with their ambitious title “Quantum Break” is like saying the Statue Of Liberty is just another statue. Nah, it’s more than brah. After trailers, and two E3’s Gamescom 2014 has been marked on every gamer’s calendar. From haters to lovers we all want to […]

PlayStation 4 System Software 2.0 Brings Games Share Without Ownership To Gamers


Sony finally took has delivered on their game sharing strategy outlined almost a year ago. Gamescom 2014 was the stage and Sony made it a moment.  System Software 2.0 is the much needed update for the Playstation 4is part of a larger addition to making the console better for gamers. The game share concept allows […]

Xbox One Delivers On Promise To Make Unity Free For Developers


For those interested in being a game developer your dreams are coming closer, and closer. In fact so close that the next step is entirely up to you. Microsoft has announced that Unity the development tool set that allows for any type of game to be made is now free for developers. Unity is a […]

Activision & Sledge Hammer Games Push Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer To New Levels

Activision & Sledge Hammer Games took today to give a full unveil of the multiplayer aspects of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare at the kick off Gamescom in Cologne Germany. Ever since we found out that Sledge Hammer Games would be one of three lead teams on the Call Of Duty franchise fans have been […]

Xbox One Will Showcase Exclusive Live Gameplay Of The Division At Gamescom 2014

Tom Clancy's The Division Wallpapers - M

The next 23 months of the new gaming generation is going to be packed to the gills with mega titles. For the first time rather than be seasonal, major game titles are going to dominate year round. One such title that has garnered an amazing amount of hype, anticipation, and just sheer curiosity is Ubisoft‘s […]

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Is Fully Commited the Xbox Brand & Cloud Tech


In letter to Microsoft employees, and pretty much the entire tech world. CEO Sataya Nadella outlined a broad range focus with the theme being efficiency and investment for the company going forward. Mr. Nadella’s expectations is for Microsoft to really begin keying on ways to push their infrastructure around innovation in sectors where Microsoft can […]

Unlock Game Demos & Game Trial Support On Xbox One


  Microsoft has revealed that the Xbox One will now support Game demos, and game trials. This is big news for Xbox One owners has it continues Microsoft’s Xbox 360 feature migration over to the new platform. Microsoft over the past months has been actively upgrading features, making additions, and releasing updates to the Xbox […]

Ready at Dawn’s The Order: 1886 Gorgeous Game Demo Shown Off At Sony E3 2014 Conference


We have been teased, teased, and teased as much as we possibly could take by Sony and Ready a Dawn for their PS4 title “The Order: 1866″. Well at Sony’s 2014 E3 conference they went more in depth, and gave us some game play demo that really gave everyone more insight into the game. The […]

A Brand New Phantom Dust Title Is Coming To Xbox One


Phantom Dust is being rebooted by Microsoft for the Xbox One. A niche cult title that was first launched on the OG Xbox in the early 2000’s. It went on to be a critically acclaimed game that set standards that have yet to be matched generations since that time. In concept the game’s mechanics, as […]

Xbox One Exclusive Scalebound Announced By Platinum Games


Microsoft‘s E3 2014 was an interesting mix. Perhaps a game that came out of now where in an interesting way was Platinum Games exclusive title “Scalebound”. The trailer showcased a fantasy, and technology theme. In fact I’d liken it to coming across like Phantasy Star Online. On display was big monsters, transforming characters, and flying […]

Crackdown 3 Coming To Xbox One Built On Cloud Technology


Microsoft, and “Clougine” have announced Crackdown 3 today at E3 2014. The game will be spear headed by Dave Jones who created the game many years ago. The game returns Michael McConnohie as the narrator of missions, and other vocal assets. The trailer showed off the co-op game play that can be coordinated between gamers […]

Halo: Master Chief Collection Announced By Microsoft For Xbox One


We all knew something was brewing with the rumors flying around that we’d see some Halo anniversary centered game on the Xbox One. We what sounded ambitious and somewhat extra was a collection that would go back to the first Halo title to the 4th title which was the last done on the Xbox 360. […]

Will Microsoft Stun E3 2014 With Augmented & Virtual Reality Technology?


With E3 2014 set to kick-off by Microsoft in an hour and a half. I thought I’d bring attention to news that has been waffling, although hinted at over the past year. With Occulous Rift, and Sony‘s project Morpheus gaining ground, along with companies like Samsung and Google pushing Virtual Reality tech. Microsoft has yet […]

Playground Games Releases Fantastic Xbox One 1080p Screenshots of Forza Horizon 2


Yesterday IGN’s “First” pulled the curtain away show us the new Forza Horizon 2 being created for the Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Well today the developer of the original, and Xbox One version decided to release some 1080 p screenshot goodness of the game. You can’t miss out on these!

This Fall 2014 Forza Horizon 2 Hits Xbox One & Xbox 360


  Earlier today IGN with their new post section “IGN First” revealed what many a racing, and Forza fan has wanted to hear. Forza Horizon 2 will be released this fall for both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. If you know or don’t know Forza Horizon is the spin off game built on […]

Games With Gold Hit List For June 2014


It’s a new month, and for Microsoft game console platforms the Xbox 360 and Xbox One it is another Games With Gold line-up.  This month is more special due to Microsoft Xbox‘s division re-calibrating the program. Starting this month gamers will get the opportunity to keep their games so long as they hold onto a […]

Microsoft Set To Give Insight Into Technology Of XBOX ONE At ISCA 2014 June 16th


Microsoft is in full dash down the technology highway with regards to Direct X 12 and the Xbox One. Soon after E3 2014 Microsoft will be discussing the technology behind the Xbox One at the ISCA on June 16th. What is significant about this is the fact the E3 2014 will be a week before […]

Microsoft Gears Up With Big Direct X 12 Conference This Week Before E3 2014


In anticipation and preparation for Microsoft Xbox One relaunch (unofficial of course) the butterfly company is preparing several conferences around the new Direct X 12 API this week. Direct X 12 is said to be a paradigm shift in the way gpu’s and cpus will work in a multi-threaded environment. AMD started the conversation with […]

From Software’s “Project Beast” PS4 Title Video Gameplay Leaked


It had to happen. With Microsoft’s Xbox One releasing news on games early before E3 2014 and gaming news organizations embargoed. Leaks are itching to happen. From Software‘s PS4 “Project Beast” has been called an exclusive or secret title being worked on by Sony Computer Entertainment & From Software. Without any confirmation everything about the game […]

Microsoft & Remedy Entertainment Prepare Xbox One Quantum Break For 2015


Every week for the past four Microsoft’s Xbox division has been preparing the gaming masses with information on what they have in store for the Xbox One console. From fixing communication with consumers, to re-configuring the console with a new version for release minus the Kinect 2.0, and gaming announcements. Microsoft is piquing the interest […]

Microsoft Is Listening To The Wrong Consumer Feedback About Xbox One & Kinect 2.0


You have to love a platform that allows anyone to be who they want to be, say what they want to say, and be part of a community that they choose. At the same time no accountability, and mob mentality can not only skew conversations, but also subvert ideas and concepts that can be falsified […]

Gamers Can’t Make A Case For PSN+ Without Acknowledging Xbox Live Gold Has Been The Best


I’m not saying which is bad or good, but if you all care to let me make a couple of points. “If”you believe that PSN+ is better than you are in full support of subscription services for online playing. Which for many people who are Playstation gamers or owned a Playstation 3 last generation that […]

Insomniac’s “Sunset Overdrive” Is The Perfect Game The Xbox One Needs


  One month from E3 2014 and Insomniac has let the embargo on news about their upcoming exclusive Xbox One title “Sunset Overdrive” lift. Last year at E3 2013 Insomniac for the first time became a developer on a competing console outside of their long history as a second party Sony Playstation developer. These are […]

Learn All About Phil Spenser The Head Of Microsoft Xbox Division


In today’s industries across the world leadership is at a premium. Absolutely critical to the success or failure of a business platform. As we edge closer to convergence within technology, and lifestyle. It is important that areas of interest are holistic, but identifiable in their purpose, and vision. Microsoft’s Xbox One was mired in the […]