WallStreet Journal Confirms New PlayStation 4.5 Will Be Unveiled In 2016; Good or Bad Gamers?

Posted on and both released information that Sony was in works to create a higher end PlayStation 4 model to co-exist the current PlayStation 4. Having sold over 30 million units, Sony is looking for a beefier upgrade to the PlayStation 4 so that VR gaming, and ultra high resolution can now be available to […]


Playstation 4 VR With Motion And Camera Gives Microsoft Hope For Kinect 2 & Hololens On Xbox One In The Near Future

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Up until yesterday motion controls were all but dead and gone. The idea that playing a game with your hands, and waving around like a silly person is now in vogue. Ask Sony, and gamers looking forward to the Playstation 4 VR experience motion controls are now necessary for you to fully play. In order […]


The Definition Of Exclusive Games

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So far the 7th generation of the console gaming sector has gotten off to an interesting start. It’s one that exists in a place where expectations have been exceeded, once mighty publishers are once again on top, and clarity versus truth fight in a vacuum outside of what should be known. Microsoft, and Sony consoles […]


Halo 5 or Reach Reboot?

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Hey guys, I don’t know about YOU, but i think Halo is doing a complete turn around. The new Halo 5 looks just like Halo Reach.  Now with that in mind what is new about the game? Different story line, but with the exact same gameplay as halo reach? When you think about it both […]

51785795 Reality star Kylie Jenner and her rapper boyfriend Tyga enjoy lunch together in Calabasas, California on June 29, 2015. The happy couple recently returned from France. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

Kylie Jenner & Tyga Are “Stimulated” In His New Music Video

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  So the Kardashin kabash on all things social in our lives continues, as Kylie Jenner grabs the family mantle to be everywhere mass conscious consumption is. If last nights 2015 MTV VMA appearance on the carpet, and presenting didn’t convince you. Then today’s well timed release of Tyga‘s “Stimulated” video staring Kylie Jenner, should solidify […]