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Project Spark For Xbox One May Just Be The Minecraft Of Next Gen Gaming


Microsoft last week announced that¬†their upcoming game by Team Dakota,¬†“Project Spark” is available on PC for beta testing. We were sent our invitation, but are reserving it for the Xbox One beta. The invite can be used for either the PC or Xbox One console. Seemingly flying under the radar of all the noise of […]

E-Sports The Next Level Of Gaming


Gaming is global. Period. There’s no need to debate the good, or the bad of it. In fact it is now time to understand that gaming is, and always has been a competitive sport. At first back in the day it was all about getting the highest score, and beating the highest score by another […]

New Post has been published on Top 10 Games In The Year of The Dragon 2012 So 2012 was the year of the Dragon in Chinese astrology, and even though we have a month and a half of the Dragon year to go on. We figure highlighting it with games that came out with […]