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Oculus Rift ‘Crystal Cove’ Prototype Emerges As Best Of CES 2014


Ever since it’s Kickstarter debut in 2012 Oculus Rift has had a honeymoon unlike any technology device we’ve seen a long time. The drama around this device that could be Virtual Realities breakthrough for consumers is facinating. Raising more than $ 2 million on Kickstarter, snagging investors like Cliffy B, adding John Carmack of ID […]

Double Fine Adds Jack Black To Broken Age Voice Cast


Double Fine continues it’s “Broken Age” development momentum by adding actor/comedian Jack Black to the voice case. Jack Black takes on the role of Harm’ny Lightbeard, “The lifter of clouds” along side Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect, Bioshock Infinite, etc.), Richard Horvitz (Raz from Psychonauts) Cree Summer (college student Winifred “Freddie” Brooks on the NBC sitcom A Different World,  Penny in Inspector Gadget during […]

Ivee The Voice-Activated Assistant


Kickstarter is a damn interesting piece of disruptive technology. I call it tech and not a platform, because it’s become way to common place to call something life changing a platform. That should always be the domain of technology so finding a way for to exist in our lives is something significant. The amount of […]

David Jaffe’s Push For Better Game Journalism


  David Jaffe is perhaps one of the most vocal, and honest game developers out there. Passionate is a word that gets thrown around, but few embody it. David Jaffe whether you agree, or disagree with him lays his thoughts out there on gaming, and backs it up. He’s quick to point out his imperfections, at the […]

New Post has been published on Ouya Unboxing: The Open Source Console Generation Begins Ouya, is part of the success story in gaming, and tech for 2012. Why? Well because it was part of the crowd funding phenomena that allowed the community of interested to directly fund projects that they were inspired, and believed […]

Obsidian Entertainment x InXile Entertainment On Wasteland 2

Obsidian Entertainment x InXile Entertainment On Wasteland 2 If “if” was a spliff, we’d all be high. Except With 17 days left to raise a kickstarter goal of $2.1 million dollars it’s nothing to sneeze at that Wasteland 2 may be a game we will be playing soon. Original creator of the Fallout series has […]

Yesterday gaming set another milestone as a changer of entertainment. This time though, even if it’s about ultimately a game title. It’s really about the making, financing, and passion to make a game. Double Fine studios was able to use the financing platform Kickstarter to reach over a $1 million dollars in funding in one […]