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Developed & Sponsored By Capcom: The Drake Vs Lil Wayne Tour App


Let me give you a quick history lesson. Hip-hop‘s rise over the years has been parallel to that of gaming as an entertainment form. Both started in the late 60’s with little increments of technology, and experimentation. Both hit a golden age during the 80’s and 90’s that reverberate across cultures, gender lines, and impressionable […]

The Underachievers – Leopard Shepherd


Look, I’m just going to say it…The Underachievers remind me off Poor Righteous Teachers. There I said it, and it’s a damn good thing. Remember I said remind me. The Underachievers have a goal it’s blatantly obvious in an infectous way that is their own which makes them original. Compared to what you can hear […]

Black Dave featuring Bodega Bamz – Wadadaang Video


As an adult you can see in yourself, and others that the irrevance of your youth can leave you not because you want it to, but in order to survive in a world that divides and conquers. You have to find a way to thrive. Some conform, other adjusts, most grow up, while a few […]

Outkast Reunion Will Be A Headline One At Governors Ball

2006 VH1 Hip Hop Honors - Show

To say the world has been waiting for a new Outkast reunion of sorts is to discount what they have meant to Hip-Hop and music since thier introduction in the mid 90’s. It is a damn travesty (which happens to be the word of the week). Coachella festival announced their line-up last night and Outkast […]



Raekwon is one of those artists that you just rock with. You don’t know why, but it doesn’t make sense not to. At the same time you wish he would hit those high bars that he sometimes falls short of doing in his career. We all are the same, which is not perfect. So like […]

Nicki “The Queenslayer” Minaj Is In Album Mode


co   Yesterday Nicki Minaj decided to drop a freestyle over PTAF – “Boss Ass Bitch” in turn remixing the record and nutting all over the damn song. Filthy good… After one listen the only thing that came to mind is that line from Tony Montana in the Scareface movie where he says; “When I come out, […]

Wale “Simple Man”

Wale “Simple Man”

The man that is gifted, Wale drops “Simple Man” a track from his ironically named “Gifted”. The track really is a video, and I must say having heard the album when it dropped was one of my favorite cuts. This one shows a versatility that I really admire in Wale’s flow. Check out the notable […]

Pusha T ft. Chris Brown – Sweet Serenade

Pusha T ft. Chris Brown – Sweet Serenade

  I remember having a conversation months ago, actually it may have been this time last year to be honest. I was wondering how much more of a marathon run could Pusha T be on, before he  received  not his proper respect, but his place performance wise with the best currently. It’s far from whether or not […]

Jay John Henry “WithOut You”


Finally Famous has a nice little crew of talent. You may think you know, but honestly we are just getting a taste. Meet producer artist Jay John Henry, better keep his name in your Google search and make sure you do some research. Pretty good stuff you will find. His new project Bartholomeux Maddox & […]



You can never beat new good, and must I add hot music. Audio Push with “Shine” does just that. The latest visual for their track ‘Shine’, directed by Nem Perez puts the duo in “full tilt” (I have banned “Turnt up ” from my vocab) for their upcoming project “Came As You Are” that will release on […]


Dedication 5

Lil Wayne tends to be forgotten when it comes to who the best are in consideration of the best rappers. Oddly this was the hottest debate several years ago, with some factions of Hip-hop believing he was, and many saying no. The intensity of the conversation fell back after Wayne went to jail, despite not […]

A Soundscape of UcancallmeLA


      L.atasha A.lcindor better known as UcancallmeLA is audio cinematic. Each song in her catalog is a slideshow that interweaves sounds into a figure eight, clashing the traditional with the new. She takes you on this ride sonically that goes from one link in her chain to the next. track to track; you can feel […]

New Post has been published on Dirg Gerner: My Queen Dirg Gerner beatmaker/crooner who comes by of London and Berlin released his EP Preface back in October 2012. Going by the alias fLako, “My Queen” is a sultry blend of soul, Jazz, hip-hop, and latin styles. Dirg doesn’t to much on the track, which […]

New Post has been published on Future: “Neva End” Remix f/ Kelly Rowland