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2015 Nasir Mazhar Fall/Winter Collection

2015 Nasir Mazhar Fall/Winter Collection

Listen to this Post     Some fashion houses pride themselves on taking up new challenges with men’s and women’s wear. We’ve seen the attempts over the years. Some fall short others add not only advancement, but inspiration for a new designers to begin where they start. Nasir Mazhar is in a phase of his […]

Will Microsoft Stun E3 2014 With Augmented & Virtual Reality Technology?


Listen to this Post With E3 2014 set to kick-off by Microsoft in an hour and a half. I thought I’d bring attention to news that has been waffling, although hinted at over the past year. With Occulous Rift, and Sony‘s project Morpheus gaining ground, along with companies like Samsung and Google pushing Virtual Reality […]

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook, & Apple Disclose New Info On NSA Requests


Listen to this Post The major Tech giants are approaching the U.S National Security Agency requests with more detail in terms of offering elaborate transparency in new reports. Apple last week was first out the gate with details that many are still mulling over. Microsoft, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, & Google have done their diligence by […]

Apple Dominates Q4 As PC Makers Continue Losing Ground


Listen to this Post   The demand for PC sales are slowing at a more substantial rate than many in the space may like, while Google the giant disruptor makes gains on Microsoft with the Android OS, Apple continues to dominate with tablets further eroding the PC and Windows once mighty hold. Canalys¬† has released […]

Gamers Didn’t Listen; Microsoft Xbox One Reveal Was Perfect

3D coming to PS3

Listen to this Post Microsoft did the right thing, and the Xbox One reveal was perfect because of that. For the first time mainstream media, and casuals understood a game console early before hitting the market. They understood a games console‘s value before they saw any games. They saw gaming graduate to a new level. […]

Xbox One Live TV: Strictly For U.S. At Launch


Listen to this Post Xbox One’s Live TV service is an ambitious content model. Offering unprecedented entertainment meant for gaming consoles. In fact it’s the type of thing that will seperate it from not just competitors like Sony, Google, Apple, and Samsung; but Hollywood as well. The first example of this will be a Halo […]

Listen to this Post New Post has been published on Ouya Unboxing: The Open Source Console Generation Begins Ouya, is part of the success story in gaming, and tech for 2012. Why? Well because it was part of the crowd funding phenomena that allowed the community of interested to directly fund projects that they […]

Google + Games Platform: Google Maps

Listen to this Post Google could be the most formidable publisher in gaming if they take more than a passing fancy at the gaming industry. They could if serious be the definers of the next generation. I can’t even begin to write about how from a sheer advertising stand point they could dominate. First and […]

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