WallStreet Journal Confirms New PlayStation 4.5 Will Be Unveiled In 2016; Good or Bad Gamers?

Posted on and both released information that Sony was in works to create a higher end PlayStation 4 model to co-exist the current PlayStation 4. Having sold over 30 million units, Sony is looking for a beefier upgrade to the PlayStation 4 so that VR gaming, and ultra high resolution can now be available to […]



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Have Id lost their magic to create a compelling enough Doom title that gamer’s will care again? The new reboot of Doom, aka Doom 4 is set to release. We take you back with a look at the heavenly hell that was the first Doom.


AMD’s ‘Mantle’ API To Revolutionize PC performance & End Microsoft’s Direct X 11 Standard

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Gaming has had huge week from the technical and PC side of the realm. Valve announced the Steam OS, along with Steam Machines which will use Linux as its foundation.  The biggest news may have come from AMD. Straight from the universe of console development, AMD has “Mantle” during their announcement of their new PC […]