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Ubisoft Estatic About Run-Away Success of Watch Dogs 8 Million Units Sold


Listen to this Post Ubisofts’ “Watch Dogs” title has gone through a gauntlet of a birth to get in gamers hads. From the first visual presentation that sent shockwaves through out the gaming universe Watch Dogs inception was astronomical. The ubelivable new game play, themes, and graphics were all perceived as a precursor to a […]

Blacklight Retribution PS4 Is 1080p With PC Settings Cranked

Blacklight Retribution PS4 Is 1080p With PC Settings Cranked

Listen to this Post Blacklight Retribution can be played for free as it is a free-to-play title on PC. Yet, it will be one of the games you can easily play on the Playstation 4 as well. So how does it run on the platform compared to it’s PC counter part? 1080p…Not just that. It’s […]

Heavenly Sword Now An Animated Film…Is There A Heavenly Sword For PS4?


Listen to this Post This time nearly 7 years ago the Playstation 3 was launching, and one of the most anticipated games that came within it’s window was the highly hyped “Heavenly Sword” developed by Sony first party Ninja Theory. Although the game was an interesting experience from an action game stand point, the story […]

Valve Announces Steam Machines, Steam OS, & Steam Controller


Listen to this Post   We’ve been talking about Valve’s new OS, Controller, and Steam Machines, but we never posted the entirety of their reveal last week. We wanted to first see what exactly everything they showed off was something of significance. Sure we could have posted it because it’s gaming news, but the thing […]

AMD’s ‘Mantle’ API To Revolutionize PC performance & End Microsoft’s Direct X 11 Standard


Listen to this Post Gaming has had huge week from the technical and PC side of the realm. Valve announced the Steam OS, along with Steam Machines which will use Linux as its foundation.  The biggest news may have come from AMD. Straight from the universe of console development, AMD has “Mantle” during their announcement […]

Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass & Deatstroke Gameplay

Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass & Deatstroke Gameplay

Listen to this Post Warner Bros is offering gamers the option to participate in a season pass offering for DLC of the upcoming Batman: Arkaham Orignins. The season pass is for five DLC packs that gamers can purchase in one set for $19.99. The DLC pack includes the exclusive skins from Batman lore such as; […]

IGN Live Stream Of Sony’s 2013 Tokyo Game Show Keynote

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Crushes Entertainment Records: $800 Million + in 24 Hours

Listen to this Post I got a chance to be at the launch event for Grand Theft Auto 5 in NYC where Rockstar Games showed up with food trucks, tees, and give-aways for gamers at a Game Stop that was selling the game at midnight. It was in that moment that I got to really […]


Listen to this Post Adam Sessler is always someone that gives a perspective on games, and the industry that is worth not only listening to, but digesting. In his latest video from last week, he breaks down what he’s seeing from both Microsoft, and Sony. He gives his thoughts on what the view will be […]

The Force That Is Grand Theft Auto 5 In This 3D Map


Listen to this Post It’s safe to say that the biggest game on the planet outside of League of Legends will be Grand Theft Auto 5. The fandom, and anticipation is reaching a fevered pitch that will not subside till next year. To say the game is robust is beyond inappropriate in gauging how big […]

Why Is There A Comparison Between Bungies Destiny & Borderlands?


Listen to this Post Earlier this week EDGE Online previewed it’s expose of a visit with Bungie for the cover story with their new print issue which landed on shelves Aug 1st. In it creative lead Joe Staten spoke on games that were an influence on the open world nature of the upcoming Destiny title the […]

Sometimes you learn


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Listen to this Post New Post has been published on Wii U Direct Presentation Mr.Galore

Listen to this Post New Post has been published on Playstation 4 vs Xbox Next: Do Leaked Specs Call A Winner Already? Mr.Galore

Listen to this Post New Post has been published on Nvidia Project Shield: The Good, The Sexy, & Salacious C.E.S. 2013 began with a resounding thud heard not just around the gaming world, but technology, mobile, and console. Nvidia put the world on notice that it is going to put their technology, and gaming […]

Listen to this Post New Post has been published on Gamer’s The Future of Food-LYFE Kitchen The state of our health, and food in the world is at a delicate place. From the way we feed our animals, to the way population is exploding the world over. How we eat, and what we eat […]

Listen to this Post New Post has been published on Next Generation Of Xbox Live Microsoft hit the nail on the head when they created Xbox live more than 10 years ago. Being ahead of the curve of any console manufacturer offering cohesive game play online that allowed gamers in distant parts the ability […]

Listen to this Post New Post has been published on 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe I would love a luxury vehicle right now. Nothing gaudy, but something befit a guy working, and worth spoiling himself. Sure we live in a society of aspiration, and looks. I’m more of the mind set to be comfortable, and […]

Listen to this Post New Post has been published on Enter Dante – DmC CG Trailer Mr.Galore

Listen to this Post New Post has been published on Ouya Unboxing: The Open Source Console Generation Begins Ouya, is part of the success story in gaming, and tech for 2012. Why? Well because it was part of the crowd funding phenomena that allowed the community of interested to directly fund projects that they […]

Listen to this Post New Post has been published on BioShock Infinite: First 5 Minutes of Spoilers So Ken Levine took to Twitter several days ago last week letting gamer’s have an early Christmas gift. In his words; “Want to see the first few minutes of Infinite? If you watch it and complain about […]

Listen to this Post New Post has been published on Gamerfit Nation: One gamer + One Hope = Viral Peace The recent shooting in Sandy Hook elementary in the small town of Newtown Connecticut is one of the most horrific, and senseless acts of violence America has seen to date. Unfortunately it is only […]

Listen to this Post New Post has been published on THQ: The Last Independent Major Game Publisher THQ Inc on Wednesday 12/19/2012 it filed for bankruptcy protection, and entered into an agreement with private investment firm Clearlake Capital Group. Done for a potential sale of its assets. The aim is to tackle THQ’s financial […]

THQ Lays Of 170 Employees

Listen to this Post As great of a run the gaming industry has had this generation. We learned that it is not immune to the recession. Despite much success many publishers have had to make critical lay offs due to canceled projects, bad sales, and restructuring for better effiency. The sad part is that with […]

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