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Where Do Black Tusk, Rod Fergusson & Microsoft Studios Take Gears Of War?


Listen to this Post Not soon after the reveal that Microsoft Studios has now the full rights on “Gears Of War” much the same way they have with “Halo” the internets went ablaze with wonderment of where Black Tusk & Rod Fergusson will go with the franchise? For some perspective Gears of War 3 was […]

More Microsoft Exclusives Hurt Sony PS4


Listen to this Post   Sega was the # 1, and best first party publisher/manufacture in the world. Nintendo never had the breath of original, and exclusive titles that Sega had. Nintendo got by with rehashing their most popular franchises in Mario, Metroid, and a couple of others. Releasing all matters of genre bending that […]

Listen to this Post New Post has been published on Gears of War: Judgment ‘The Guts of Gears’ Today Epic Games, and People Can Fly  released a new trailer for Gears of War: Judgement titled ‘The Guts of Gears’. Showcasing no-holds barred action, the game both in single player, and multi-player gives us an […]

Epic Games Industry Push: Why It Matters

Listen to this Post Epic Games Industry Push: Why It Matters While showcasing the Unreal Engine 4 behind closed doors of GDC 2012, Epic Games VP Mark Rein in a conversation with CVG spoke on what he feels Epic Games role is to the gaming industry. Does he have a point? Should a successful industry […]

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