Paragon Is On The Way To Xbox One Soon

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Epic’s Paragon ran live with its Initial Access stage a week ago on both PC and PlayStation 4. Epic’s first Moba title is free to-Play (F2P). This Spring there will be a n open, but to enter you’ll have to purchase one of the Founder Paks they have for sale.Clearly, Paragon is a significant and […]


More Microsoft Exclusives Hurt Sony PS4

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  Sega was the # 1, and best first party publisher/manufacture in the world. Nintendo never had the breath of original, and exclusive titles that Sega had. Nintendo got by with rehashing their most popular franchises in Mario, Metroid, and a couple of others. Releasing all matters of genre bending that included their roster. Rarely […]

Epic Games Industry Push: Why It Matters

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Epic Games Industry Push: Why It Matters While showcasing the Unreal Engine 4 behind closed doors of GDC 2012, Epic Games VP Mark Rein in a conversation with CVG spoke on what he feels Epic Games role is to the gaming industry. Does he have a point? Should a successful industry like Gaming continue, or […]