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Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook, & Apple Disclose New Info On NSA Requests


The major Tech giants are approaching the U.S National Security Agency requests with more detail in terms of offering elaborate transparency in new reports. Apple last week was first out the gate with details that many are still mulling over. Microsoft, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, & Google have done their diligence by releasing similar information into […]

Apple Dominates Q4 As PC Makers Continue Losing Ground


  The demand for PC sales are slowing at a more substantial rate than many in the space may like, while Google the giant disruptor makes gains on Microsoft with the Android OS, Apple continues to dominate with tablets further eroding the PC and Windows once mighty hold. Canalys¬† has released their Q4 figures tracking […]

Microsoft Must Leave Kinect 2.0 Mandatory To Xbox One Experience


Make no bones about it we were front and center with everyone after Microsoft’s reveal of the Xbox One back in May 21st that their messaging was horrendous. From executives to PR people not being on the same page. The Xbox One had a rough start. It took those of us in the media a […]

Xbox One Live TV: Strictly For U.S. At Launch


Xbox One’s Live TV service is an ambitious content model. Offering unprecedented entertainment meant for gaming consoles. In fact it’s the type of thing that will seperate it from not just competitors like Sony, Google, Apple, and Samsung; but Hollywood as well. The first example of this will be a Halo TV series. Unfortunately the […]

Nintendos 2013 E3 Presentation Absense Is A White Flag


Nintendo yesterday stated that will not have a traditional E3 presentation like they had years past. Gamer’s for years looked forward to seeing Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo put on a spectacle +. E3 is the biggest gaming event of the year. It’s where publishers, developers, luminaries, businesses, journalists, and anyone remotely interested in gaming attends. […]

Open Letter: Microsoft…Respect Your Core


  There is no way one can refute or validate unsubstantiated rumors. Be it about a person, place, or thing. Now, with that being said. Where there is smoke we most likely can gleam some conclusion that there may be a fire. In the case of gaming, and Microsoft. Rumors, innuendo, and blatant harassment go […]

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Epic Games Industry Push: Why It Matters

Epic Games Industry Push: Why It Matters While showcasing the Unreal Engine 4 behind closed doors of GDC 2012, Epic Games VP Mark Rein in a conversation with CVG spoke on what he feels Epic Games role is to the gaming industry. Does he have a point? Should a successful industry like Gaming continue, or […]