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Developed & Sponsored By Capcom: The Drake Vs Lil Wayne Tour App


Listen to this Post Let me give you a quick history lesson. Hip-hop‘s rise over the years has been parallel to that of gaming as an entertainment form. Both started in the late 60’s with little increments of technology, and experimentation. Both hit a golden age during the 80’s and 90’s that reverberate across cultures, […]

GameFace The Android-based VR headset

Listen to this Post GameFace is an Android-based virtual reality headset. Labeled as a self-contained headmounted VR. Players have no need to hook up any other device or equipment to use it. In a weird twist to showcase the headset the company is openly using an Oculus Rift development kit for it’s optics. Ed Mason in speaking […]

Apple Dominates Q4 As PC Makers Continue Losing Ground


Listen to this Post   The demand for PC sales are slowing at a more substantial rate than many in the space may like, while Google the giant disruptor makes gains on Microsoft with the Android OS, Apple continues to dominate with tablets further eroding the PC and Windows once mighty hold. Canalys  has released […]

Microsoft Must Leave Kinect 2.0 Mandatory To Xbox One Experience


Listen to this Post Make no bones about it we were front and center with everyone after Microsoft’s reveal of the Xbox One back in May 21st that their messaging was horrendous. From executives to PR people not being on the same page. The Xbox One had a rough start. It took those of us […]

Samsung’s Galaxy NX Is The Future Of Digital Photography


Listen to this Post   Samsung is pushing the boundaries of technology, and software in hardware markets that have gotten not only stale, but predictable. The photography space especially has seen innovation with the integration of video, and the duplication of mega pixels. For all intents, and purposes the explosion of digital photography with an […]

Mad Catz Project M.O.J.O.: Their Android Game Console

Mad Catz Project M.O.J.O. Android Console Revealed

Listen to this Post It seems Android operating system based OUYA now has some competition from an established gaming organization. Mad Catz today revealed via IGN their Android based console called “Project M.O.JO.”. Although we are not sure if this is the official consoles name, but the hardware  will not require games to be custom-tailored […]

Nintendos 2013 E3 Presentation Absense Is A White Flag


Listen to this Post Nintendo yesterday stated that will not have a traditional E3 presentation like they had years past. Gamer’s for years looked forward to seeing Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo put on a spectacle +. E3 is the biggest gaming event of the year. It’s where publishers, developers, luminaries, businesses, journalists, and anyone remotely […]

Listen to this Post New Post has been published on Ouya Unboxing: The Open Source Console Generation Begins Ouya, is part of the success story in gaming, and tech for 2012. Why? Well because it was part of the crowd funding phenomena that allowed the community of interested to directly fund projects that they […]

Mysteryville 2

Listen to this Post Mysteryville 2 Nevosoft is releasing Mysteryville 2: it’s an original adventure with a unique storyline, with interesting seek-and find gameplay. Mysteryville is back in a sequel that has journalist Laura Winner returning to have an vacation. No investigative reporting. In spite of her well laid plans she finds herself locked into […]

Micro Heroes

Listen to this Post Micro Heroes Micro Heroes are a collection of heroic characters from history that have suddenly burst back into life onto the Android platform. These inspiring heroes have been re-animated by MicroMadHouse, a UK based software developing company, into cute, loveable cartoons that guide their users with spoken words of wisdom and […]

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