EVGA HYBRID Water Cooler All in One For GTX 980 Ti

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Introducing the EVGA HYBRID Water Cooler a all in one water cooling solution. You want to lower the GPU operating temperature? Then this water cooler is for you. This cooler is completely self-contained with an included 120mm radiator and fan. You have no filling, no custom tubing, or no maintenance that needs to be done so you have it up and running. You just plug in and play! Going along side any EVGA  GTX 980 Ti card in your gaming desktop, this makes sense to get the most out of your graphic card purchase. You now have a complete cooling solution that makes sure your gaming is done on an optimum level. You are significantly reducing the heating your graphics card generates. No worrying about those long hours of World of Warcraft playing. You won’t put your PC gaming rig in jeopardy with this complete hybrid water cooler solution. EVGA HYBRID Water Cooler All in One for GTX 980 Ti is a great addition to have for your graphics card purchase today.


All in one cooling solution that is completely self-contained

  • Intelligent wiring system and sleeved tubing makes this one sleek cooler without the messy wires
  • Variable controlled fans allow dynamic fan speed based on GPU temperature, and the water cooling efficiency means very low noise fans
  • Compatible with all reference style graphics cards.




Physical Characteristics
Limited Warranty:1 Year



Additional information

Weight2.4 lbs
Dimensions13 x 4.5 x 6.5 in


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