Kingdom Hearts Masochism

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  So if you’re a Kingdom Hearts fan, I’m pretty sure you heard of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 being announced at Tokyo Game Show 2015. The whole premise of 2.8 is to bring us Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance from the 3DS to the PS4, and also show us all some backstory on Kingdom Hearts X […]


Enter Dante – Devil May Cry CG Trailer

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Ninja Theory is on board to recreate Devil May Cry, and lo and behold we have a new Dante. Vastly different from his old blonde haired self. This new Dante is much more European inspired in terms of swag, and look. Stylish is a good word, but also boyish in comparison to the original protaganist […]


BioShock Infinite: First 5 Minutes of Spoilers

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  So Ken Levine took to Twitter several days ago last week letting gamer’s have an early Christmas gift. In his words; “Want to see the first few minutes of Infinite? If you watch it and complain about SPOILERS, you’re dead to me.” Yeah, so here you go everybody! BioShock Infinite Beast of America Trailer