Cyanide Studios Gives Madden Strategic Competition With Front Page Sports Football


Listen to this Post Cyanide Studio premiers their new sports title “Front Page Sports Football. A studio known for titles such as “Game of Thrones, “Blood Bowl“, “Styx-Master Of Shadows” adds the sports title to their portfolio. The game will stand along side their Pro Cycling Manager series. As an American Sport its interesting to […]

Square Pulls Back The Curtain At TGS 2014 With The Final Fantasy XV Trailer


Listen to this Post We’ve all waited long enough for SquareEnix to get their tails ready Final Fantasy XV . Since E3 2013 we have not heard nor seen much of the title. The Japanese publisher has as always taken their time with the RPG franchise, and as they have worked to embrace the new expectations […]

Xbox One Blows The Roof Off Gamescom 2014 With “Quantum Break” Live GamePlay


Listen to this Post   To say that Remedy and Microsoft have created huge expectations with their ambitious title “Quantum Break” is like saying the Statue Of Liberty is just another statue. Nah, it’s more than brah. After trailers, and two E3’s Gamescom 2014 has been marked on every gamer’s calendar. From haters to lovers […]

PlayStation 4 System Software 2.0 Brings Games Share Without Ownership To Gamers


Listen to this Post Sony finally took has delivered on their game sharing strategy outlined almost a year ago. Gamescom 2014 was the stage and Sony made it a moment.  System Software 2.0 is the much needed update for the Playstation 4is part of a larger addition to making the console better for gamers. The […]

Michel Ancel Working With New Studio Wild Sheep On “Wild” Playstation 4 Game


Listen to this Post Famed game director/creative Michel Ancel took to the Sony Gamescom stage today at Cologne Germany to premiere his freelance work or whatever the arrangement exactly is on “Wild” with new studio Wild Sheep. Many of you will know Michel Ancel’s work from the Playstation 2 title “Beyond Good & Evil” a […]

Ninja Theory Returns To Gaming With Indie Action Title “HellBlade”


Listen to this Post For the better part of a year the gaming universe has been speculating on where developer Ninja Theory was hiding. Since their great work on  Capcom’s reboot of the “Devil May Cry” series we all wanted to know when they would return with a new IP. In fact their was/is a […]

Q-Games Leaps From PixleJunk Series To 3D “The Tomorrow Children” PS4 Exclusive


Listen to this Post Q-Games has established a great reputation with gamers, especially on the Playstation platforms. One of their marquee titles “PixleJunk” set a tone for the Japanese studio that they are now building on. Rather than stay in the lane of 2D Q-Games is venturing out in a whole different direction. Today during […]

Xbox One Delivers On Promise To Make Unity Free For Developers


Listen to this Post For those interested in being a game developer your dreams are coming closer, and closer. In fact so close that the next step is entirely up to you. Microsoft has announced that Unity the development tool set that allows for any type of game to be made is now free for […]

Mortal Kombat X Introduces Kano: Official Game Play Trailer


Listen to this Post Mortal Kombat has a great legacy. The only other fighter besides Street Fighter to still garner gamer attention, and play. A huge community still active for more than 20 years. It’s hard to think that a game which was noted to be a gimmick due to using blood as it’s only […]

Zombies, Hollywood, & FPS Game Play: Dead Island 2 Trailer


Listen to this Post     Deep Silver dropped the trailer for Dead Island 2. The game is no longer set on an Island though, which is weird, but at this point the minor/majortechnicality is a fault of branding. Dead Island as a franchise has actually been redefining itself with different titles, and gameplay models. […]

Activision & Sledge Hammer Games Push Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer To New Levels

Listen to this Post Activision & Sledge Hammer Games took today to give a full unveil of the multiplayer aspects of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare at the kick off Gamescom in Cologne Germany. Ever since we found out that Sledge Hammer Games would be one of three lead teams on the Call Of Duty […]

Developed & Sponsored By Capcom: The Drake Vs Lil Wayne Tour App


Listen to this Post Let me give you a quick history lesson. Hip-hop‘s rise over the years has been parallel to that of gaming as an entertainment form. Both started in the late 60’s with little increments of technology, and experimentation. Both hit a golden age during the 80’s and 90’s that reverberate across cultures, […]

Xbox One Will Showcase Exclusive Live Gameplay Of The Division At Gamescom 2014

Tom Clancy's The Division Wallpapers - M

Listen to this Post The next 23 months of the new gaming generation is going to be packed to the gills with mega titles. For the first time rather than be seasonal, major game titles are going to dominate year round. One such title that has garnered an amazing amount of hype, anticipation, and just […]

Ubisoft Presents Assassin’s Creed Rogue: Cinematic Trailer


Listen to this Post Two months ago Ubisoft revealed Assassin’s Creed Unity for next generation consoles and PC. The game introduced 4 player co-op that allows you to be with your brethren assassins during the French Revolution. At the time there was talk that there would be a separate and all new little for the […]

The Expendables 3 Mash Up With Broforce To Create “The Expendabros”


Listen to this Post Without a doubt Broforce is a throwback to a time where action shoot up games where king, and absolutely relentless in you being able to have fun shooting. The original “dude bro” games if I may be so liberal to use the term in such a manner was the standard in arcades. […]

On August 27th 2014 You’ll Be Able To Play Mario Kart 8 With Mercedes-Benz Cars


Listen to this Post Nintendo’s Wii U platform does not have tons of great momentum going for it. The next gen console has not been able to live up to Nintendo’s expectations as well as gamers. So every piece of encouraging news about the platform getting better in some way is a highlight worth talking […]

Is Pharrell Williams The Right Person To Helm The NBA 2K15 Soundtrack?

56th GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

Listen to this Post The last year was absolutely spectacular for Pharrell Williams. Not to say his revitalized appeal with the world has ended, Pharrell is an interesting place. He’s popular again. Not just in the casual way where people know you everywhere you go. No, more in the sense of your popularity mattering to […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Is The Next Level For Comic Video Games & Licensing


Listen to this Post Batman is the defacto king of quality comic book licensing. By far Warner Bros/DC have been able with some missteps over the years to make Bob Kane, and Bill Finger‘s character one of the worlds most qualitative intellectual properties to license. Batman crosses gender lines, nations, and most important demographics that […]

Xbox One Beta Footage Of Destiny Appears Online


Listen to this Post Well Neogaf is at it again being the source of leaks from the gaming universe winding up on the site. Amazingly though, this is could be a great thing with the fact that Activision and Bungie’s megaton new IP “Destiny” is less than two months away, with a Beta dropping across […]

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Is Fully Commited the Xbox Brand & Cloud Tech


Listen to this Post In letter to Microsoft employees, and pretty much the entire tech world. CEO Sataya Nadella outlined a broad range focus with the theme being efficiency and investment for the company going forward. Mr. Nadella’s expectations is for Microsoft to really begin keying on ways to push their infrastructure around innovation in […]

Project Cars Wii U version To Be Released In 2015


Listen to this Post Slowly the Wii U is starting to become a viable platform for gamers looking for a place to play. Nintendo being Nintendo they still carry a huge cache, and judging by the positive reception of their digital E3 2014 presentation. To that end the car racing game “Project Cars” is set […]

Unlock Game Demos & Game Trial Support On Xbox One


Listen to this Post   Microsoft has revealed that the Xbox One will now support Game demos, and game trials. This is big news for Xbox One owners has it continues Microsoft’s Xbox 360 feature migration over to the new platform. Microsoft over the past months has been actively upgrading features, making additions, and releasing […]

Ubisoft Estatic About Run-Away Success of Watch Dogs 8 Million Units Sold


Listen to this Post Ubisofts’ “Watch Dogs” title has gone through a gauntlet of a birth to get in gamers hads. From the first visual presentation that sent shockwaves through out the gaming universe Watch Dogs inception was astronomical. The ubelivable new game play, themes, and graphics were all perceived as a precursor to a […]

Project Beast Is PS4 Exclusive Titled Bloodborne By From Software


Listen to this Post From Software and Sony took the lid off the bag and revealed the head of the beast. Project Beast that is. The game coming from the critically acclaimed developer is a PS 4 exclusive titled Bloodborne. The game follows From Software’s diabolical horror filled portfolio they have created in recent years. Not […]

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