Is Pokémon GO The Mobile Software Hint That The Nintendo NX Is An Augmented Reality Console?

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The release of Pokémon GO may just be the software hint that Nintendo may perhaps be releasing an Augmented Reality console capable of being played also as mobile device. Total speculation on our part but Nintendo has been known to go in completely new areas for gaming. Augmented Reality may not be a stretch for a Nintendo console.


Microsoft Takes The Veil Off Of Xbox One S

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Every generation of gaming has always introduced a new version of the same console. Usually smaller, a bit more refined, but over the past two generations these “Slim” versions have added features to take advantage of new tech without pushing hardware up to full upgrade where it is new kit. In the Xbox One Slim that Microsoft revealed today the Xbox One Slim is part of Microsoft new family of Xbox One consoles that are intended to meet tech demand with consumer interest at the same time.

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The Beauty Of Australia Through The Game Of Forza Horizon 3 For Xbox One

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How much do we know about Australia if like me you’re not from there, or ever been? Well the beauty of gaming is that we not only get introduced to new worlds we get introduced to places we’ve never been. Forza Horizon has been a fantastic racing game from Playground games, and Team 10. The game’s premise is that you race with all kinds of cars at a week long festival that has music concerts, parties, and a bunch of stuff going on all centered around racing. What’s dope is the fact that we never know where Forza Horizon is going to take place at, or where in the world it pop up. Today at E3 Playground Games revealed in game game-play of Forza Horizon 3 in Australia and it makes me want to go there. The social features in Forza where you can take photos in game post, and share.


Enter A Brave New World With Recore Xbox One Exclusive Gameplay E3 2016 Edition

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So September 2017 will be the month we finally get to play the developer team mash up of Armature and Comcept one being responsible for story/universe and the other core development. What we’ve seen from this game is very complete single player experience which has not really been a great expansive area for Xbox platforms. With Recore it looks very deep, and original in game play which oddly enough comes across as evolving a story, and world as you go. That’s a very exciting thing that now will exist on the Xbox One in Recore.


A Brave New World Awaits Gamers With Dishonored 2

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Dishonored was one of the most pleasant gaming experiences of last generation. A title that came about from Bethesda’s legacy of giving sharp, creative teams with vision a chance to create what they want. No shackles just excellence in execution. Dishonored had a distinct flavor all of it’s own that embody the ambition that every new gaming Ip should have and deliver to gamers. The world, the characters, the gameplay, to mission felt fresh, and rewarding. Once you finished the game the re-playability left you gasping.


Top Five Free-To-Play MMORPGS That Should Come To PS4 & Xbox One E3 2016 Edition

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The emergence of both the PS4 and Xbox One as equivalents to mid-tier PC gaming rigs, as well PC like architectures has offered both platforms the ability to embrace aspects of PC gaming that really are cool. Since the launch of the PS4 there have been several free-to-play titles like “Warframe”, “Blacklight Retribution”, “DC Universe Online” and others. Games that are generally aimed at a PC audience that do not ask for money upfront, but rather instead offer in game microtransactions which ask players to purchase items that make their gaming experience better. This could be in the form of upgraded armor, weapons, vehicles, or rare items. In some cases both platforms have the ability to allow wannabe developers who create mods for PC games to have those mods migrate over to their console counterpart. Obviously it’s up to how developer create Free-to-play games that make them that or Pay-to-play games. The great thing is that there are many examples of games using this business model that really push gaming forward & deserve a place at our console tables.


Sony Is Ready For E3 2016 With For All Your Coverage

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With just 6 days left till E3 2016 everyone and everything is on deck for Sony to have a big conference. Especially with all the rumors swirling around an upgraded Playstation 4 set to premiere alongside the Playstation VR. We also have games to look forward to such as game-play footage of “The Last Guardian” a game ten years in the making. There should be more games that will showcase what Sony has planned as last years presentation mainly talked about games that would not be out in 2016, so we should be getting updates to them as well.


No Delay Will Stop The Anticipation Of Horizon Zero Dawn

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Aloy is an outcast, being protected, and kept in the dark from questions about the world. The reveal story trailer for Playstation 4’s Horizon Zero Dawn shows even more gorgeous destinations that gamers will explore, and vanglorious machine beasts that we will encounter in the game. Except it won’t be this fall, as the game will now be delayed until February 28, 2017.


The Xbox One Launch That Never Happened

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The launch Xbox One is not the same one that the same as the proposed one that Microsoft spoke about in the Spring of 2013. In fact the Xbox One had one of the best launches of any console in gaming history. So why do fake journalists, and agenda gaming writers continue to say that the Xbox One had a bad launch? What Microsoft’s Xbox One has suffered from is agenda politics in the gaming press, and propaganda. This is about the Xbox One launch that never happened.


MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X Maybe Better Than Nvidia’s Founders Edition Card

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Early reports are coming up that as amazing as the GTX 1080 Founders Edition is, it perhaps is not as good as the MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X. MSI tends to push cards a bit more aggressively as an OEM should. So the question is less about which is better, but what works for you the gamer. MSI version of the Nvidia card is meant to be pro gamer in the sense that there is a much more of focus on creating an experience that refreshes what Nvidia is doing. To be honest the hoopla is over the fluctuations in temperature.

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Ubisoft Officially Drops It’s First Watch Dogs 2 Trailer- “Hello World” Is It Ready To Live Up To The Hype?

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The anticipation for Watch Dogs 2 has been building for several weeks now, and with E3 2016 coming up next week Ubisoft decided to let go of their first trailer for the sequel to the first Watch Dogs game. The title when it was revealed last generation was perhaps the most anticipated game for the new gen. The game came out doing less than what it suggested in previews, and trailers. The game was good, but did not live up to it’s own self imposed expectations. What everyone hopes who both loved the game, and had issues with it is that Ubisoft has learned from their mistakes.