Wale PYT featuring Sneak

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Wale is an interesting artist. On one hand he is a trend setter, on the other hand is a non-conformist dead bent on getting out his expressions wanting validation for taking his own path. The issue with that is the fact the amount of choices in artists, music, and presentation allows for people to accept […]

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Sascha Xiomara- Not The Same

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Sascha Xiomara is a talent that we recently discovered along with several R&B artists that folks should be on the lock out for. At this point in music its less about blowing up, and more about having a relationship with artists who are worth the attention. At the same time I’m a firm believer that the […]


PJay Johnson- Sticks & Stones

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I came across Pjay on my usual new music hunt. “Sticks & Stones” hit the speakers immediately and brighten up the living room as I was cleaning. You know that chill when a record hits? You feel no pain, instead you relate to the lyrics as the music plays so subtly that you are drawn […]


Ginette Claudette-Time

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I love Hip-hop. Truly I do. At the moment though. R&B right now for me is where it’s at. There’s so much good artists that have the potential to be house hold names. Ginette Claudette is one of them. I mean, silky vocals, control like no other, she cruzes through her notes, and pitches with […]


Star Mic – Winners Never Lose Freestyle

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It’s been quite a bit of time since the young up and coming artist from Queens New York has released a full mix-tape. With 2016 things look to be a different era for NYC & ATL‘s own Star Mic. Who’s to say that there is still an audience looking for lyrcisim and musicality from their […]


“Boy Bandz” By Post Malone

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Surely, you didn’t think Post Malone with his new take on “Auto-tune” and mood music would stop at “White Iverson”. Silly little rabbit. That’s not what this new age of artist are about. You will be strung out on the music with all intents and purpose. Shouts to producer Sholomo who honestly if you love […]


Nature ‘The Ashtray Effect 3’- Mixtape

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Nature still gets love. The kind that makes people say “Yo Nat honestly, you one of the doppest, what happened?” They don’t say it with disrespect more like looking forward to a comeback. One of the illest word plays of an artist from the early 2000. There were heaps of expectations. Sometimes tho, growth has to come […]

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Raven Felix ft. Wiz Khalifa – All On You

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There have been a couple first ladies of Taylor Gang, but Raven Felix may just be the one to stick. She also may well be the best they’ve had in terms of potential. She’s been waiting and working without too much attention. To her credit that light bit of time served her well. “All On […]


Elijah Blake – Everyday

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We’ve been hearing lots of really good R n B lately. Artists who actually have not just talent, but perspective. Many are leaning towards an introverted style of content, which is never bad, when you add in the morose bleak world of the ego, and conflicting sanity. You get what comes across as depressing sound […]