The Art of Gaming

A Look At The Artwork Of San San


Listen to this Post San San has a well established creative career within the art production world. Specifically in the gaming industry, as much of his work has been part of many different games that are well known among gamers. Iconic games such as Elder Scrolls to new titles such as Activision/Bungie’s Destiny game. San […]

The Art Of Collecting Video Games


Listen to this Post   Gaming yes is serious business. It’s one built on the passion of gamers to experience interactive entertainment with the use of technology in a way that bridges the gap between science, as well as art. As gaming establishes itself this generation as a mainstream, and viable form of entertainment. The […]

The Princess: By Pertheseus.

The Princess

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Dark Souls 2: Picture Wall

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A Return To Rapture: By Laure-Marie Torre

Listen to this Post Laure-Marie TorreĀ  Welcomes us to the world of Rapture showcasing concept art that that allows you to discover what lies beneath the surface.”and be sure to view her entire portfolio on Behance. Mr.Galore

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