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Mario x Zombies: Mario Z

Mario Z Will he be in the next season of Walking Dead? Nah, but this sculpture of a zombiefied Mario of Nintendo’s Super Mario brothers franchise is pretty slick. Related articles Super Mario Ethan Morgan vs Mario Kaeppeli Bodysurf Evolution of Mario Video Listen to this Post

Ryu vs Ken: Kid Fighters Engarde

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Flood: By Megatruh


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James Jean: The Gallery


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Wreck It Ralph: Anime Style


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Aleksandra Gach


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Ray Mortenson: South Bronx 1984


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The Art Of Mateusz Kolek


  Mateusz Kolek is the type of artist that creates shocking, but poignant art that finds a way to connect with you viscerally. The effect is striking, and engaging in a way that does not let you go. Work that stays with you forcing your mind to go over details, not just in design, but in […]

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