Mario x Zombies: Mario Z

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Mario Z Will he be in the next season of Walking Dead? Nah, but this sculpture of a zombiefied Mario of Nintendo’s Super Mario brothers franchise is pretty slick. Related articles Super Mario Ethan Morgan vs Mario Kaeppeli Bodysurf Evolution of Mario Video


Ryu vs Ken: Kid Fighters Engarde

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  Always great to see the art work from the Steet Fighter series. This one from part 4 is epic, and bodes well for what type of art we will see from this edition. There are several more pictures that are gracing the internet. Check these out….                 […]


Aleksandra Gach

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Aleksandra Gach is an amazing photographer that we follow on our Tumblr page “Slayer Vision” which is named after a section here on As we usually do curating for new art, and artists of varying fields to highlight Aleksandra’s work stuck with all of us in an immense way. The complexity, composition, aesthetic, and […]


The Art Of Artozi

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  Painting & Illustration is a big part of creating art, and even more so in creative fields. Talent is talent, but opportunity can take a while to come. This is the artwork of a young artist that I believe fans, and appreciators of art will enjoy. His name is Artozi. As you can see […]


Gamer Art Of the Day: Kusairo Sakura

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Kusairo Sakura is the type of artist that you can’t help but like, because the art that’s created brings you close to to work. When you think of the characters that are created, they always convey a sense of light hearten depth. If you are interested in more art by Kusairo, you can click on […]


The Art Of Mateusz Kolek

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  Mateusz Kolek is the type of artist that creates shocking, but poignant art that finds a way to connect with you viscerally. The effect is striking, and engaging in a way that does not let you go. Work that stays with you forcing your mind to go over details, not just in design, but in […]


The Art Of Wesley Allsbrook

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There are different types of artists that create works that invoke a sense of synesthesia that are comfortable in their articulation to make you feel a way. Wesley Allsbrook is one of those types. His art work performs on many levels; which for me is truly the mark of a talented artist. Versatility in the expression, and […]