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Saint Seiya – Legend of Sanctuary Trailer 2

If you notice there isn’t much on Anime we do here be it traditional or 3D. There isn’t any reason for it other than that much of it has not motivated us as editors to feature. You could call it a mistake, but with the vast amount sites that do cover it. We didn’t want […]

Croft – Tomb Raider Fan Film by CanCinema on Youtube

Croft: Some of the most fantastic stuff going on in gaming is the lifestyle stuff like fan made films. In this one the Tomb Raider reboot serves as the inspiration. Done really well it conveys the new plateau that Lara Crofts reboot has placed her. To say that one of gamings most iconic characters, and […]

BloomBerg TV: Microsoft’s Xbox Entertainment Vision


So much has been happening as of late with Microsoft since apointing their new CEO. Many divisions have been consolidating, as well as expanding, and in some cases graduating in status commitment/focus. Phil Spenser has gone from being Microsoft Studios head to now the honcho in charge of the entire Xbox eco-system. This new position […]

Man Of Steel: “Fate Of Your Planet” Trailer

Man Of Steel: “Fate Of Your Planet” Trailer

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New Sci-Fi Movies You Need To Watch


We know comic book movies are all the rage these days, but there have been some notable sci-fi movies popping up as of late that have brought the genre back. Tom Cruise was pretty good in “Oblivion” which surprised many with both it’s action, and emotional grit. Tom didn’t suffer the usual same character syndrome […]

Superman-Man of Steel Trailer #3


    June 14, 2013 can not come soon enough. The movie Reboot of the new Superman movie “Man of Steel” is going to really push the evolution of his, and the perhaps the rest of the DC universe in film. Batman has long been established, but the lone ranger. Superman hasn’t had a real […]



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