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EA Releases First Madden NFL 15 Screenshot Of 49er Colin Kaepernick


With E3 2014 is a week away, and football season is coming up on us fast which means that a Madden Football game is close by. With that said EA Sports has let go of it’s first image. The motivation? I bet it has to do with the fact that today Mr. Colin Kaepernick quarterback […]

WWE Superstar Ultimate Warrior Look Back


This past Tuesday the Ultimate Warrior who appeared for the first time in the WWF in 1987 rocketed to stardom for fans on the entertainment show. Becoming one of the most memorable and enduring characters of the wrestling sport show. James Brian Hellwig was his real name. He lived a life on full tilt made […]

PS 4 MLB 14 The Show Reinvents Baseball Gaming


  For years now the second best sports game has been “MLB The Show” for Playstation consoles. I say second best only because not every gamer across consoles and PC get a chance to experience the sport of baseball in the excellent fashion by which Sony’s San Diego development studio delivers it. Baseball inherently is […]

G-Shock’s “REAL TOUGHNESS” World’s Best Flatland BMX Talent


If you have not been aware or come up to speed 2013 has been the 30th anniversary of G-Shock. The watch company that has transformed itself into a true lifestyle brand. The year long celebration campaigns went to new a high as the company hit Japan for a new contest several weeks ago. The “REAL TOUGHNESS” […]

Aston Villa and EA SPORTS Renew Partnership


As the new Football/Soccer season kicks into full gear, and EA prepares to release their seminal sports title FIFA 14. The Soccer club Aston Villa, and EA renew their current partnership. There will be an Aston Villa cover of FIFA 14 that will have three of the clubs stars (Somebody has to be salty in […]