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    Anybody else out there like breakfast at night? Come on there’s gotta be takers for some eggs, sausage, and pancakes at 2am in the morning right? Well look if it’s too much of a hassle to fire up the stove, get the pan out, and fry up an egg with some hash browns […]

SteakStones: Grilling With No Grilling


Is it sad I haven’t been to a BBQ yet this summer? Yeah it is. I may have a solution. In fact with the heat wave smacking hot lava fire out of the East Coast this solution could be for anyone who wants  a char on the lamb meat and grill veggie food conviently.

The Syncline House by Arch11


Elk Ridge Lodge

A gamer home should be ideal for you to both find peace, and be a gaming haven. Now if you have a family, having a designated place in the home should be mandatory if possible. How about a luxury resort home in the mountains? Would a gamer love that?

Haines House: Christopher Polly

Australia is one of those places on the face the earth that shows the majesty, and unrelenting power of nature. It’s a place where living must be done in conjunction with nature. Australia is also a bit conservative when it comes to gaming, and the culture. Outside of that who wouldn’t want to live in […]

Tokyo’s NN House by Kozo Yamamoto


Tokyo is a densely populated city, crowded as it is, the city is far more influential in stature. Architecture has been apart of the city’s identity on many levels. Take for example architect  cities in the world. The owners asked architect Kozo Yamamoto NN House had a vision of serenity in the middle of a […]

Home Theater & Game Room

Home Theater & Game Room

Dancing The Lightwell House: By Architect Keiichi Hayashi


    The lightwell house was created by japanese architect keiichi hayashi.  A two-storey private house in a Kyoto, sits in a residential neighbourhood. The sits itself is sunken in a dense area that walls the east, as well as north sides. Due to the tight space ventilation windows are small, offering a location of a […]