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Mario x Zombies: Mario Z

Mario Z Will he be in the next season of Walking Dead? Nah, but this sculpture of a zombiefied Mario of Nintendo’s Super Mario brothers franchise is pretty slick. Related articles Super Mario Ethan Morgan vs Mario Kaeppeli Bodysurf Evolution of Mario Video

Ryu vs Ken: Kid Fighters Engarde


Flood: By Megatruh


James Jean: The Gallery



Wreck It Ralph: Anime Style



Aleksandra Gach



Ray Mortenson: South Bronx 1984


The Art Of Mateusz Kolek


  Mateusz Kolek is the type of artist that creates shocking, but poignant art that finds a way to connect with you viscerally. The effect is striking, and engaging in a way that does not let you go. Work that stays with you forcing your mind to go over details, not just in design, but in […]