With a dedicated team focused on the progression of the gamer lifestyle; through visual inspirations and the pursuit of knowledge. Thekingslayer.com’s passion and commitment is establishing a premiere online destination for editorially driven trend, lifestyle, news, entertainment, and commerce content for, as well as about gamers . The Gamer lifestyle spans a comprehensive range of culture, interest, styles and brands. From streetwear to high-end fashion, as well as from established  well-known entities in services, and products. TheKingslayer.com editorial team seeks to instigate a positive contribution to one of entertainment’s cultural phenomenons in gaming. Gaming for more than 20 years has been establishihng itself as medium that pushes technology and interaction with the world at large. From Pong to Mario Bros. Gaming has left a hallmark that can be indetified through generations. In essence becoming one of the most important creative entertainment mediums of our time.

Thekingslayer.com  news section is an important destination for those interested in the latest developments within the gaming industry & community.  Aspects of culturally-relevant content such as art, music, design and lifestyle are defined in unique charcteristics that have evolved within gaming that today offers up an indentity all it’s own. With consistent marquee features providing Thekingslayer.com readers a unique vantage point into the games industry. The site is able to communicate the global impact of gaming from border to border. We forego the notion of gamers’ just being “geeks”. Nothing wrong with the conotation, Thekingsalyer.com goes further by identifying gaming as a lifestyle not a category or moniker. Our content menu is a testament in offering our perspective on the “Gamer Life” in context to the interest of gamers. Interests that are without a doubt wide ranging, gender agnostic, but unified in realm of gaming.  Among the most prominent ongoing features; Thekingslayer offers BoomBox Gamer, Art of Gaming, Gamer Fresh, Gamer Home,  and Pen & Paper (an intimate look into the sketchbook of artists the world over). Each category a different look into the “Gamer life”.

Overall, our goal with Thekingslayer.com is to provide new editorial ways to convey that the gamer lifestyle embraces, and has the cultural elegance to speak beyond controllers, and pixels. Our editorial will span online video, and social media platforms; offering in-depth stories/features that speak about game culture to a wide audience. We also include our audience’s voice with their contribution of content, forum participation, interviews, & events. Thekingslayer.com is a 360 look into the gamer life. Welcome to Thekingslayer.com


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