The high mark that Spider-man ‘Homecoming’ movie trailer hits audiences




How satisfying was it to watch a new Spider-man in the MCU look in the new released trailer? Admit it, you got a nice warm feeling in your stomach did you not? Look you are not the only one who has lamented for years about Marvels Cinematic Universe not having certain Marvel comic characters in the movies. Well we now have one of the comic publishers amazing, and Sony movies can at least breathe knowing that they are not Fox Movie studios. Obviously, many others have covered the topic, but when you have a resolution like Disney and Sony came to that is fan/customer orientated. You get positive results. It was fantastic to see Spider-man in the last Captain America movie aka, Avengers 2.5. The famous character made an impact in a way that not only made us look forward to his stand alone movie it gave us hope that Fox and Disney could someday bring the X-men universe to the MCU. The successful release of Deadpool and how good Logan was for Fox may prohibit such a deal happening in the foreseeable future. We can hope though right?



Without getting lost in the weeds; Spider-man ‘Homecoming’ sets a tone from it’s trailer that a big character in the Marvel universe can have a story line that’s more day to day in terms of issues that affect the larger world they exist in. The trailer really hits some sweet high notes in clip moments. We get his relationship with his friend, a look at how Tony Stark/Iron man and he relate. Then we get to see how his relationship with The Vulture played by Michael Keaton has its own tone. Spider-Man Homecoming is a relationship movie at it’s core.  Which if you notice is not what DC movies does outside of Batman. Now the jury is still out on Justice League, but that movie trailer also released this week was not bad.  Obviously the DC universe is different, it is really telling how story structure and character motivation is everything in comic book driven movies. The high mark that Spider-man hit is that spot where you feel the stakes of not just the characters decision but his ability to tackle the challenges he has to face with limited experience. The burden of not only the responsibility and power but that of consequences in your decisions. The Spider-man homecoming trailer asks us the audience what decisions would we make with power & can you live with what you decide? For those of us who have waited. The decision is pretty simple. I’m going to watch Spider-man ‘Homecoming’.