Will we see Ori 2 & The Blind Forest announced at E3 2017 for Xbox One, Xbox Scorpio?




Several months ago, Ori & The Blind Forest developer Thomas Mahler went on the infamous message forum boards of NeoGAF to explain what he thought of the Xbox Scorpio; while comparing it to the PS4 Pro. His statement was one of exasperation, but also filled with some frustration, and a chest pumping. Although I’d like to use another term for his phrase than ‘chest pumping’. The context is that many Sony faithful across all level of the community and industry have been trying to push the narrative that the Xbox Scorpio would be a mild iteration similar to the PS 4 Pro. Mahler took up objection. What was not spoken about during the uproar or even asked by journalists is whether or not his statement really was saying in context. Which is? Xbox One & Xbox Scorpio maybe getting a sequel to Ori & The Blind Forest.


All consoles now are x86 PCs and the architecture will remain the same, that’s why Sony was able to quickly iterate on the PS4 and make a beefier version of it.

Scorpio is a next-gen machine with the added benefit that all your old games will still be compatible. From this point on, similar to PCs, you’ll not lose your library when you buy a next-gen system. I guess since NeoGAF is confused, Microsoft will need to do a little work to make it clear to everyone that Scorpio isn’t just a half-assed upgrade (which the PS4 Pro kinda is…), but a full blown next-gen machine that’s just backwards-compatible to your current library.



Thomas Mahler created waves, mainly from the outcry of fanboy hysteria that had set in motion with his statement. Nonetheless he was able to release a much more milder statement a bit later clarifying himself and apologizing. That statement is not inconsequential to what we want to talk about, but our focus is on Ori 2 being in development. With the Xbox Scorpio itself being held under wraps in terms of info or any showcasing. Many have specualted on it’s impact to Microsoft’s Xbox division, gamers, and the larger Eco-system of the console business. Ori was such a well received game that in theory it just makes sense to have a sequel. What is intriguing if indeed out of our speculation that there is a modicum of truth. Then it would be a title that would answer the question of the Xbox console platforms having very little exclusives outside of the known franchises. Ori 2 would also give Phil Spencer a nod of truth when he said that the Xbox One console platforms will see exclusive titles. Now whether or not Ori 2 would be a ‘Play anywhere” game is still anyone guess because there is no information on it existing. The game would be a title that gamers would anticipate being a 4K Xbox Scorpio experience to sink teeth into. The first title being absolutely gorgeous, challenging and fun in game play. It is a title that in sequel form could be a blockbuster of a seller this fall/winter 2017. Now obviously we have no idea if Ori 2 would be called Ori & The blind Forest 2. The game could be set in an entirely different, but equally beautiful place, and with a different character we can play with. All we can hope though, is that we are on the button, and perhaps Thomas Mahler statement was prophecy laid out in a tirade of support of the Xbox Scropio’s ability. Time will tell or E3 this June.