Where was the gameplay in the Destiny 2 trailer release today?



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Sooooo, yeah the uh Destiny 2 reveal trailer came out today, and I’m not sure what I watched. How about you? Let me back up a bit. So over the past five days we have heard that Destiny 2 will be coming. This came from a lean, and had been gaining steam from a rumor to actual acknowledgement from Activision and Bungie. This is a direct result of major news and information being pretty low for conversation around gaming. That thirst is what has made the Destiny 2 news a megaton. We needed fresh gaming news content, and overall excitement around gaming to keep the conversation up. This is not a question of their being no news to report in gaming. The issue is that the news is not super significant that we can’t go a bit without. Rather the critical what is going up to E3? Who is making what big blockbuster? What exclusive is coming to PC or a console like PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Xbox Scorpio? I’m talking about juicy goodness that makes us salivate or for most speculate/hate on. That’s the way gaming goes. Well we thought that today Activision would have answered the bell, and floor us with a trailer to get us really wanting more. Nope, what got, and watched was a CG cinematic peep rally with a sarcastic android being too smart for his own good. Not sure how it went over you, but he was a distraction I did not need. Without any game play footage I have no clue what Destiny 2 is. Needless to say the Destiny 2 game leak info had Activision and Bungie in scrambling so they had to get something out into the media wild.


Trying to control the conversation is all good and well when you have a big event, or as in game development trying to keep certain aspects of your title from leaking out. The apprehension by publishers and developers is not something steeped in superstition.  Gamers are so vocal, while the media so honed in with analysis that a game does not have time to incubate while it is being created. So if a game does not hit a quality standard early on in any way shape or form. Then it will be torn to shreds everywhere media is consumed. So more or less developer/publishers are now in the business of controlling gamer expectations; as well as their business. Destiny 2 has tons to fix up from Destiny 1. It’s a mega franchised title with lots of money, pedigree and expectations. Any slip up could spell an impact that could hurt the game and attention overall. So yes, we get it E3 is safe, so is launching in a window that is in September. Not too much time to totally dissect the game, and it offers some fun times in the summer for a beta, and press. The problem…We are far from E3 and Summer, so this trailer is a bag of rocks for us. Hopefully as more folks get a bit riled and pick on this trailer a bit more. Activision and Bungie may throw us some content bones. In the mean time there may be some clues in this trailer about game play. We’ll follow up with a breakdown or post some content that does indeed let us know what this new Destiny 2 title is all about.