Why Are Game Publishers Waiting For E3 2017 To Showcase All Of Their Games?


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This time of the year is usually stale in the gaming industry. If it were not for Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4, Mass Effect Andromeda and some other titles that released over the past couple weeks games in particular have been pretty dry on the big game front news. You may say that those two games alone should be enough. Well, I’m speaking in the sense of what is coming down the line. What do we have to look forward to in the future? New releases that we have yet to hear about from developers that will be on our platforms in the next 8 months, or in 2018. With several high profile games missing their release windows publishers have turned into secret government agencies with how much they are keeping to their chest these days. Still, leaks are happening. Like the recent news that Activision and Bungie will be releasing a follow up to their huge game Destiny. Obviously the game is called…Wait for it…Destiny 2. Many game companies have had to deal with real PR and consumer complaints about games that are not going to release for years. For a long time all we would get are pics and trailers, but nothing to show in game play. Then you have the other side where games will stay in beta forever to get their polish right. Good stuff, but the game takes on a life of it’s own that is never quite complete. The feedback from gamer’s on the negative aspects of all these developer focused marketing has had an adverse affect. Now publishers and developers feel the need to be silent. Keeping their fingers on the mute button of developers mouths publishers are just waiting for E3 to release news. Funny tough, is the fact that developers have been dying to talk, with leaks and conversations dropping hints on social media, podcasts, and other such platforms. Staying quite is even hard for the creatives as well as the executives.

E3 is a great event in gaming so publishers holding onto information for presentations and reveals is not a bad thing. Speaking from a journalist in gaming the issue is just that there is not enough being talked about to keep content fresh. There is a point in the process when a game is out, or close to being in the wild where what it is important is the performance of a game. I think for publishers and developers this is the point of no return. E3 is a segue way of sorts for revealing information to be presented in a controlled environment. We are fine with that, but can we have a bit more information between now and then? You see this is a critical year, and thus far Nintendo has had a stellar winter. Releasing the new Nintendo mobile console Switch. We have had more info on what they have coming in the next year than we do other publishers specifically Microsoft. Should they open up? Yes and no. Microsoft is in the unenviable position where no matter what they do they get beat up for it. So I understand them holding info closer to the chest as they have a new platform in the Xbox Scorpio set to release later. The issue is that the build to the console physical reveal and games just is not strong enough to get gamer’s salivating. I know, again I know that is a subjective statement because there are many who are excited for the console. This is just a case of we want more to talk about, we need more gaming information to sink our teeth into to make the news day active outside of rumors, idiotic write-ups, and rumor mill mongering that is down right gossip. Then there is the last part where I am. We should be just playing the games, and honestly I’m doing just that minus the info of what’s to come. I’m enjoying my games, at the same time I want some news. Hopefully we’ll get better info and consistency going forward soon.