Can GT Sport Reclaim The Racing Crown From Forza Motorsport?


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Gran Turismo from Sony developer Polyphony Digital has been a racing mainstay for gamers well over 15 years. Amazing $100’s of millions of dollars, a loyal following and a pedigree that has been unrivaled. Well, that last part is untrue. In fact outside of sales, Microsoft’s Turn 10 development studio  and Playground Games have turned racing upside down. Over the past decade Microsoft’s racing studio and it’s helper developer are now the racing genre leaders. After several less than stellar releases Gran Turismo has not had the kind of reviews, and game play that has transcended or pushed the genre forward. That could change with the release of GT Sport. A return to proper racing from Polyphony Digital that is signal that they are now ready to challenge what Microsoft’s Forza Motorsport has put forth. For all intents and purposes the sales success of the Playstation 4 console is going to have GT Sport in the sales column winning. What we need to see is how has the developer’s perspective on racing grown, and what kind of experience are gamers going to get. The next aspect to this is the fact that Turn 10 is very competitive, but I believe they may not even look at GT Sport as something to compete against. You may say well that sounds arrogant. Let me put it into this perspective though. With all of the innovation and community development that Turn 10 and Playgrounds games have done. My assumption is that with the new upcoming Forza Motorsport the developer may just be looking to push racing to solidify their own view of where the genre is and should be going; as opposed to competing against Sony’s GT Sport.

The positions that GT Sport and Forza Motorsport are in is fairly different. Gamers who love Gran Turismo may not feel that the Ip has lost anything, some may believe that time in between a proper title is because of the developer being more quality focused. Where as the Forza Motorsport perspective is the fact that we have seen consistent betterment every time a new title in the Ip franchise releases. Case in point, Forza Horizon 3 is hands down the best racing game I have ever played. It is not a circuit racing game like Motorsport or GT Sport. Rather it is an open world racing game that is arcade in bloodline. What the game does better than any other title is let you just go out as gamer, and drive. Not just drive, but offer you ways to constantly enjoy playing doing only that. For me and I suspect many others who love the racing genre. GT Sport has to nail the experience of enjoying a racing game. The Playstation 4 Pro is going to be put to great use, as from early pictures, trailers, and GIF’s Gran Turismo Sport is delicious to look at.


Where can Gran Turismo steal back the thunder from the Forza series? Fun trophies, and driving exhilaration. There has to be a sense of outright speed that is ferocious without forcing game play to take a back seat. Obviously there could be more or other things the title has to great right. Even with a title like Project Cars 2 releasing this year every racer set to premier is looking to give gamers a full sweet of options. Options that make the game more fun to play in between just collecting cars, and heading to new circuits needs to translate so that Gran Turismo can say it has arrived once more to the party to get the attention she deserves. On one side I don’t think that Forza’s crown is going anywhere as the best racer.  On the other I see how GT Sport can drive Sony’s hunger for a great answer to Forza. Will it happen? We’ll know later this year. For now the throne belongs to Forza…