The 5 Games The Xbox Scorpio Will Make Awesome On Console


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Microsoft’s Xbox division head Phil Spencer has stated with hints that the company could offer up some more consumer facing events where they can talk directly with the Xbox fan base. A smart move. Sony’s Playstation gamer event in December really is a good one to replicate. The most important reason for doing something like this is outside of connecting with fans is offering up something new for them to get excited about the platforms. Right now with news being very sparse when it comes to the Xbox Scorpio, Microsoft has yet to really showcase anything for the new platform. Secondly gamers don’t trust Microsoft with caring about gaming, and some look at their presence as merely a place holder. Obviously this is not true. The Xbox division has been improving the Xbox One console every year, adding features, and at the same time improving on existing ones. Needless to say with the Xbox Scorpio Microsoft has to deliver the games. Here are 5 games that could be absolutely awesome on the Xbox Scorpio.



  1. Halo 5

Make no mistake when 343 developed Halo 5 they really did a good job showcasing how far development on the Xbox One had come despite some early issues with the console. Halo 5 use dynamic resolution which offers up scale in different situations within the game. The game was built this way to offer gamers a more complete visual experience for the Xbox One without compromising a quality experience. Halo 5 also has one of the best multiplayer game play this generation. The fact that the Xbox Scorpio won’t be getting a Halo game, Halo 5 with its dynamic resolution bumped up to 4K could feel like a whole different game for gamers. It will shine on the Xbox Scorpio.

2. Gears of War 4

I know, I know the double whammy of exclusives that Microsoft kinda likes to milk. That being said, Gears of War 4 was and is a blast to play on the Xbox Scorpio. No comprise, no fluff, just all out action. Mind you this game is already a gorgeous beast. Adding in a title with dynamic resolution, and you have the makings of game with renewed life. Gears of War 4 benefits also because it’s a great showcase for where Xbox One Scorpio can improve existing titles.

3. Quantum Break

This game set the standard for exactly how well dynamic resolution can be a fundamental implemented. The game is gorgeous, offering up time manipulation, mashing up live television, and game content in a great way, console with cross play with the Xbox One and PC. Yup pretty much. To say it is rare to see a great single player game, let alone one that is a third person perspective on the Xbox One speaks for itself. We are however impressed by the fact that the environment because of the time manipulation aspect and powers is a living element of game play. Seeing that with Xbox Scorpio’s natural boost mode that makes games better overall is going to be an epic return to Quantum Break later in the fall.

4. Ryse Son of Rome

Hands down still one of the most gorgeous games of the generation. An action title that pits you the player in one of the great campaigns of the Roman empire and it’s warriors. Ryse was hated on because it was said to be repetitive game play that was uninspiring. Which is a totally wrong perspective or even review of the game. As the years have gone by gamers have seen fit to correct the so called helpfulness of reviewers by not only explaining why contempt at the game was wrong, so was the visuals not being part of the gaming experience of playing Ryse.

5. Assassins Creed Unity

Now that we have had so many patches to Assassins Creed Unity, the game looks and plays awesome. This is the type of game that will have new life because of Scorpio. What makes the game awesome is the fact that you can play with multiple people, it has a great story, and it take place fictitiously in one of the best time periods in history the French Revolution. The games ambience sets up a perfect visual feast for gamers to sink their teeth into on Scorpio.

Now obviously our top five games list for Xbox Scorpio titles that will be played again like they were new is subjective. The point is to it though is the fact that these games all offer up a unique set of experiences both game play wise, and visually that is well worth exploring on the Scorpio.