The Unlikely Tale of Sneakerheads and Skaters Establishing Nike SB In Vice Sports ‘FIFTEEN YEARS of SB DUNK’


At some point the culture of sneakers and skating converged to make one of the most iconic brands in sports and apparel not only relevant, but avant-garde. When Nike introduced the SB dunk brand it was a play on what they were doing in the basketball realm of sneakers. Finding a synergy in performance that was born out of the everyday park culture that basketball and skating dwell. That on any block there was a neighborhood park, and on that same playground or area was place that skaters lived. In Vice Sports documentary “Fifteen Years of SB Dunk” we get a look into the sneaker culture of skate boarding, fashion, sports, design and retail.  The documentary speaks to the pioneers, trendsetters, and skaters who defined a generation that is marked by a classic moment in time for sneaker culture.