Can Mass Effect Andromeda Forge A New Path For Bioware & EA?



With a little over a week to go EA and Bioware will be gracing gamers with a new installment in the Mass Effect franchise. Since being sold to EA some time ago. Bioware’s success has been a result of the foundation pedigree that was established at the developer years ago under it’s founders. Some titles have had a resounding success, others cultivating a niche, but loyal following. No matter the title though Bioware has been able to put a signature on each one giving their games defining character. Where Mass Effect: Andromeda finds itself is in uncharted territory where we are all embarking on a new journey with the developers. Developers who are stepping out on their own in regards to forging a new frontier for gamers to explore. EA in this regard is looking to make sure that they have a strong portfolio. You can’t help but wonder if Mass Effect Andromeda where a Rock Start title that this game would have a certain cache about itself being new that would be more anticipated. You see, it is very easy for EA to want a Mass Effect title that hits all the bells and whistles that the last series did in the franchise. Except, EA and Bioware have meet strong criticism on this franchise with Mass Effect 3’s controversial ending or lack-there-of.  It is scary, and gamers who love the N7 legacy are waiting on pins and needles for this new Mass Effect to be something legendary.

Sometimes starting with a clean slate is the best thing in the world. In the case of Mass Effect what we have seen so far is that the game’s have been stepped in intrigue, exploration, discovery, and danger. All of which from a story stand point have made the game a space opera built on solid third person cover action. From what we have see so far of the title much of that is in outside of us knowing what the story part is. Full disclosure, we do not have a review copy, but from our preview content from Bioware there are aspects of the game we are looking forward to playing. Our goal in asking our title question comes down to the pedigree of EA’s inability to keep great franchise going at the top of their class. Many a great title have come and gone from EA’s grasp. Mass Effect should not suffer this fate. Bioware for the sake of EA needs to have a title like Mass Effect thrive. So even if there is somewhat of a miss with this game. EA and Bioware have to continue to a sequel. Making sure that they get the key talent in, fix any problems gamers have, and continue to forge ahead. This could be in the form of using new technology like cloud computing or whatever they can to give Mass Effect a constant evolution to it’s content and ground breaking foundation. If EA and Bioware do not have this focus, buckle under the pressure then we will have lost one of gaming’s gems.

All of the speculation and theory of the last paragraph is valid, but let’s put them in their proper place. The context of why Mass Effect Andromeda needs to be good, and forge a new path is because the consoles need fresh blockbuster blood. Even if they are sequels. At the end of the day gaming is a hit driven business, and Mass Effect is a flagship title that exemplifies a hardcore, casual approach to gaming that is a standard. It is no different than again Rock Star Games with Grand Theft Auto’s series. Make no mistake as painstaking as it is to build on a sequel the benefits of getting it right far outweigh the difficulty of creating the title. So we as gamers want to see that Mass Effect Andromeda will be quintessential in it’s gaming. EA absolutely needs to nail this game to give their portfolio of games true life going forward, and Mass Effect Andromeda as a unique property is Kobe beef in the kitchen. It has to be made right.