It’s Time For Lineage 2: Helios To Make It’s Way To Xbox One & PS4


Both the PS4 and Xbox One have done a marvelous job of introducing console gamers to the world of Free-To-Play games. Games that allow gamers to get into a game without purchasing the title. Titles like Smite the popular MOBA game in the vein of League of Legends has only grown in popularity since hitting consoles. You have others such as Warframe, World of Tanks, Pinball FX, and even Microsoft’s own Killer Instinct 3 are all thriving. One category that has held its own quietly which in this generation has not been spoken about much are the RPG’s. Massive story driven games that allow for grinding comraderies have not been spoken about as much. The success of the free-to-play model has largely been due to RPG’s that come in many flavors most notably of the MMO flavor. Titles such as Neverwinter, The Elder Scrolls Online, DC Universe Online, and others have done wonders for filling in the void, but there are many other titles in the genre that are not on console and should be. One that comes to mind is Lineage 2:Helios.


Lineage 2: Helios is the latest update expansion that fixes mostly every issue that has plagued the free-to-play title on PC. Released in 2016 the title expansion has given gamers more to enjoy, and get out of as result becoming more popular with MMO players. At this time it is perfect to be on console. One of the reasons is because it offers something vastly different than the other titles I have mentioned. Even before the Helios expansion, Lineage 2 is a mature RPG in the sense that offers different gamers a way to engage and be entertained in its universe, and lore. The game has the perfect combination of old school and new school game mechanics. If you’ve played any type of final fantasy game then you will be instantly familiar with the high fantasy style of archetypes, classes, economy system, and leveling up.  The rubber hits the road because Lineage 2: Helios is not an attractive title especially for this current generation. With the likes of Warframe where Digital Extremes is constantly upgrading all aspects of the title. Lineage 2: Helios as strong as it is needs a visual upgrade that may not be inline with the developers and publisher current goals.

With Microsoft cancelling Scalebound, a title being created by Platinum Games there is a huge void in Microsoft’s library for 2017 that needs to be filled. Microsoft may have to focus more on third party deals, and the Free-To-Play landscape to get gamers into the platform. Such a big blow offers a title like Lineage 2: Helios to be a filler game, but at the same time offers up a solid MMO the chance to reach a new audience.