Teyana Taylor Reebok Question Mid “Fire & Ice” Black Friday Sale




Teyana Taylor’s New York City childhood was made up of youthfulness, teen years, and adulthood shaped by her incredible passion for sneakers. So it was natural that she jump at the chance to collaborate with a sneaker brand. Reebok fit the bill perfectly. Fortunate for us that Teyana’s rebellious nature to redefine norms she takes on Allen Iverson‘s Question Mid transforming it into a one color way worthy of God‘s praises on mount Olympus. Designed by Teyana, this all-red cocktail of a shoe is a cornucopia of full-grain leather upper pressed with a luxurious reptilian print; which exudes levels of luxury that must be held to know. Featuring a solid-red midsole and Hexalite design that lends to Teyana’s sporty nature. All to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Question with the answer Allen Iverson.