Is Pokémon GO The Mobile Software Hint That The Nintendo NX Is An Augmented Reality Console?



Not much is known about the Nintendo NX. We have heard reports that the console has some VR, touch screen, and mobile functionality that makes it a hybrid console of sorts. The console will be close to the PS4 & Xbox One in power, so HD visuals are in play. Many publishers are onboard, but at the same time big publishers are a bit skittish on what NX exactly is. With the recent release of Pokémon GO on mobile Nintendo may have signalled via software that the NX is actually an augmented reality console. Right now Pokémon GO is establishing itself as the darling of mobile gaming. So much so, that many people believe the game is really a transitional point of reference for Nintendo to stop being a hardware creator, and become a full fledged software developer instead.  The video game company’s stock and valuation hit 7.5 billion dollars on the release of the Pokémon GO game. Nintendo does nothing by happenstance or without intention. Their trepidation with not owning all aspects of where, when, and how they games release is something that makes Nintendo a self-contained gaming brand. They dictate which way the involvement of their interaction is with gaming across the industry board. The mystery around their next console the NX exists for a reason.


Knowing and researching the landscape, Nintendo is well aware that they have to compete with mobile, PC, and console competitors; while understanding the tastes of where gamers are. The home of Mario is seeking differentiation that separates them from all others in the gaming race, and the company has always done so. Sometimes to that of success, and at times like in the instance of the Wii U to failure. Augmented reality would be an interesting direction for Nintendo as many companies both in gaming and outside are exploring the technology. Microsoft’s Hololens is a full-fledged Augmented reality headset that is now in the hands of developers. Microsoft showed off the Hololens last year at E3 2015, and it wowed. Showing the potential future of what Microsoft is looking at not just about gaming but more with Hololens. Nintendo could be the first gaming company to fully embrace an augmented reality platform, while at the same time as noted earlier this year adding VR capability to the console. Essentially a hybrid console.


Augmented Reality turns not just the screen in front of you into a gaming window, but your entire environment. Essentially turning the world around you into a true playground for gaming. Pokémon GO is becoming so popular that today we are finding out that thieves are using the game to lure people for robberies. Not the nicest example of next gen gaming. It is indicative of Nintendo’s ability to create an IP that transcends pop culture into a lifestyle definer. The games popularity signals another schism in gaming that only Nintendo can create. The speculating of the Nintendo NX being an augmented reality console is interesting because it gives Nintendo a clean break into a new area that traditional consoles are not going in. Rather both Sony, and Microsoft seem to be following the upgradeable nature of mobile hardware. Not augmenting the way we play games in general. Pokémon GO represents an exciting idea about the Nintendo NX that many may not have thought about before. The type of disruptive change that gaming may not know it needs and only the Nintendo NX can perhaps provide.