Nvidia Finally Unveiled Their AMD RX480 killer The GTX 1060


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Several weeks ago Nvidia took to reins off their new GTX 1080 PC card. Built on new efficient technology ready to offer better gaming visuals and operation for graphics media on your PC. Weeks later AMD released the specs for the RX 480 meant to offer the same type of performance but at the sub-$300 market. Benchmarkers of PC cards all over began popping up, and although the consensus was still that the GTX 1080 PC card still out-performs the RX48o from AMD the price point difference makes the later card better for the average PC consumer. Nvidia could not let that stand, and so as of yesterday they introduced the computing world to the GTX 1060. This card is in the sub-$300 market like the AMD RX 480. Estimated to cost $249, and set to appear at retailers on July 19th; which is not to far away. With DX12 now in full swing off of Win 10, these cards will take full advantage of the ability to really get the most of technology that has been outpacing software. Now it’s time for software to catch up. Here are the specs of the GTX 1060 courtesy of www.videocardz.com. 


The GTX 1060 comes with a beefy 6GB of VRAM that runs at a premium 8GB/s with a maximum clock speed of 1.7GHz. Add in the 1280 CUDA cores, and you have a beast of card that is a single 6-pin connector capable of 4.4 TFLOPs of compute power. This type of advancement in this price range is going to offer gamers unprecedented power that gamers have not had at an efficient level for several generations. The question now is if you can have a PC gaming rig ready to take advantage, and games that are going to be in all their glory playing at an optimized level.