Playstation Neo Is More Than Adequate A Console Upgrade Of PS 4



With the advent of console upgrades upon us Microsoft surely sent a clear message that they intend to make upgrading your game console an experience you will want. Lost in the conversation of whether or not the announced Project Scorpio is a good or bad thing is the fact that Sony‘s announced Playstation Neo upgrade is meant to be aimed at the high-end electronics customer market.  Their fancy way of saying premium gamers. It’s one thing for Sony to say this, and the reality being that the Neo is being positioned to sit alongside the Playstation 4 as a subsequent upgrade that gamers need in order to play VR games in all their glory. The clear power gap between the Playstation Neo and Project Scorpio from Microsoft may be what has Sony gun shy about really showcasing Playstation Neo. Sony is confident but wants to show the console off at a much more convenient time that works delivering their message to a receptive audience.  By not showcasing the console at this past E3 2016 several weeks ago Sony is silently acknowledging that Microsoft has a better upgrade for console owners. That may be true on one hand, on the other hand, the fact is that Sony just needs to make sure the console provides an upgrade that is significant to compete while offering tangible benefits. From the specs leaked the Playstation NEO is more than adequate of an upgraded console.



With the Playstation 4’s dominance, Sony is in the unique position of setting the pace they want. Hopefully, many gamers want them to be aggressive in what titles they deliver and features. This is where the Playstation Neo can pick up the slack of the PS4. Playstation Neo should find the sweet spot between what Microsoft Xbox One S and Project Scorpio. By offering feature upgrades that allow for more social integration, online gaming, and VR capability that can be shared in experience is where Sony perhaps finds success. We have to keep in mind that this is not the Playstation 5. Sony has always done a great job of finding games that make their consoles sing, or punch above their weight. This again for Project Neo again has to be the mantra. By working with key developers the Playstation Neo has to find an identity that is larger than life compared to the Microsoft console.


Sony’s lead in the gaming console land is significant enough that can find some gems that deliver for gamers on the Playstation platform is this regard VR is perfect. Sony is still going to release a slim version of the PS4 which may have similar features or better than the Xbox One S. In any event Sony is still in the power seat in terms of popularity that gamers are intrigued by. There is room for the three successful console options, but what is not clear is on the gaming side what is emerging as the preferred playing platform. Playstation Neo could be launching next year, instead of this year with Sony clearly looking to take back the marketing conversation from Microsoft’s bombshell E3. time will tell what is what though.