A Brave New World Awaits Gamers In Dishonored 2



Dishonored was one of the most pleasant gaming experiences of last generation. A title that came about from Bethesda‘s legacy of giving sharp, creative teams with vision a chance to create what they want. No shackles just excellence in execution. Dishonored had a distinct flavor all of it’s own that embody the ambition that every new gaming Ip should have and deliver to gamers. The world, the characters, the gameplay, to mission felt fresh, and rewarding. Once you finished the game the re-playability left you gasping. Dishonored was a great combination of story and game. You could mix powers together for lethal effect, attach levels in unique ways, explore the environments yielded a certain level of satisfaction that made the game play experience fun every time you picked up the controller. There is no doubt that the game was a hit, surprising gamers, Bethesda, and the developers as well. Everything from speed runs, to showing off your enemy kills what Dishonored offer gamers, just yielded to a thirst that gamers wanted more of. So now we have a sequel. A character that grew up to be a teammate, and now she is a fully capable companion. She’s not a tag along avatar, rather you can play as Emily, experiencing her side of this game’s story or returning main lead Corvo. Here is a game play trailer from last nights Bethesda.