The Beauty Of Australia Through The Game Of Forza Horizon 3 For Xbox One


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How much do we know about Australia if like me you’re not from there, or ever been? Well the beauty of gaming is that we not only get introduced to new worlds we get introduced to places we’ve never been. Forza Horizon has been a fantastic racing game from Playground games, and Team 10. The game’s premise is that you race with all kinds of cars at a week long festival that has music concerts, parties, and a bunch of stuff going on all centered around racing. What’s dope is the fact that we never know where Forza Horizon is going to take place at, or where in the world it pop up. Today at E3 Playground Games revealed in game game-play of Forza Horizon 3 in Australia and it makes me want to go there. The social features in Forza where you can take photos in game post, and share. The level of detail, and craftsmanship that is inherent in the game really brings Australia to life in such a big way. I’m more excited about the place as much as I am about getting into another Horizon game. At it’s core this car culture porn, with the feature set you live for. Playground Games is going further with being able to play with other players, friends, and just have an experience. The beauty of Australia is that it’s not a typical gaming local that developers actually explore. Getting that chance in a fantastic franchise like Forza Horizon 3 is going to be an special experience if there is expandend features, and the driving is fun to play. Fun game play has been a hallmark of Playground Games Forza series, so continuing, and building on what they have built is what we really want to see with the title.