The “Ultimate Edition” ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Trailer Reveals Boatload of New Footage


I apologize for not being in the camp of people who didn’t like Batman v Superman. The movie was beyond what I thought it would be. The fact of the matter is that DC’s ‘B’ and ‘C’ level characters don’t hold weight like Marvels. The depth that Marvel has given to their characters and stories always gives an unpopular hero or villain in one generation a chance to become popular in another. Iron Man is the perfect example. He was a ‘B’ level Marvel character even in the 70’s where he had some popularity. Spiderman, Wolverine, Daredevil, The Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Thor, and some villains were more popular. This is even more true going into the 80’s and 90’s where characters like Ghost Rider emerged as huge favorites, and new stars like Deadpool, Cable, Apocalypse, Thanos and others became draws. Marvel established a pedigree with characters who were not aligned, or existence depended on a few. They stood and stand on their own. For DC, if your main characters like Batman, Wonderwoman, Flash, and the big man himself Superman lose popularity then the entire DC tent folds. It’s also the main reason why the DC comics universe is always hard to reboot.  The thing is, there are characters in the DC universe who have a rich history that should have had their own moments to eclipse the likes of Batman or Superman. DC just never allowed those characters to grow with great enough content that standing alone would benefit a cinematic universe. As much as fans of DC like to their universe they tend to forget how intricate it’s existence relies on a few characters. Ironically though television is where DC shines the most because they can develop their characters. It’s a medium that offers extensive content to be played out episodically.

The Arrow is a fantastic example, along with Flash, in fact it’s why Smallville was so popular for years. Had DC built on the continuity that exists on television offering a unified universe that was not split. Batman v Superman would be a lot stronger because you would have a base to draw from filling in the gap of time and lead that Marvel’s cinematic universe has on DC. In fact this perspective made all the more poignant when take a look at newly released “Ultimate Edition” Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer for the digital and Blu-ray formats is going to be rated R. They are including more violence, and much more overall story that is edgier. I don’t know what fans are going to do who are looking for a lighter tone from the next lineup of movies set to emerge. All of the changes that DC has made; including the reshooting and editing of Suicide Squad. I firmly believe that no matter what changes they make they won’t be significant enough to address the underlying issues of a DC cinematic universe. Unless they plan on establishing new characters, or underserved characters as the lynch pins for the larger heroes. I doubt people are going to be happy. Wonder Woman may serve as a catalyst, but we will have to see if she has a worthy adversary for us to care about who forces us to root for the Amazon princess, while looking forward to seeing where that villain goes. I may not have loved Batman v Superman the movie, but I like it very much. Besides in my book it is still eons better than what Fox has put together in the X-Men, and Fantastic Four movies franchises.