This Summer Neymar Jr. Teams Up With The Jordan Brand & Nike For His NJR Collection 2016




Neymar Jr. the heralded Brazilian soccer player  has allied with Jordan Jumpman to launch his NJR collection this Summer. Neymar Jr. will be the first athlete ever to do something of this nature with the Jordan Brand and not be an endorsed ambassador.   Apparently this is something that has been in the works for quite a while, and perhaps be the starting point of something new that the Jordan Brand will do for other star athletes. Taking a look at the photos we can see that the inspiration for the line is the Air Jordan 5. A classic Jordan shoe that does not always get the design love for it’s minimalist features. Oddly enough this is the first time that a soccer player is part of the Jordan Brand. So to see an entire collection let’s us know they are committed to Neymar Jr. with NJR. The shoe and collection hit in two days.




Interestingly named the  Hypervenom Boot Neymar made the design request because his beloved Air Jordan’s are the #5. The shoe remains distinguishable due to it’s jet shark teeth on the front, while adopting the reflective tongue from the famous Jordan shoe. You get a sick swoosh on there as well. Then to top off is the logo signifying it’s a Jordan Brand shoe.  You get this logo on a variety of areas such as the heel, the sole,  and then the laces themselves have Neymar Jr.’s son’s initials “DL”. None of this comes across too busy, in fact it’s a bit refreshing but retro at the same time. Last, but certainly not least you get the #10 on the and it appears on the lateral side of the left boot. If you don’t know that’s Neymar Jr.s number, and it sits side parallel to Jordan’s number 23 on the right boot. You get nice embroidered finish on the numbers across the apparel such as the fronts of their jerseys. We can’t forget to mention that the cleats also get the same dedicated design focus to show off a true collaborative mash up of sports titans.


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Both Jordan and Neymar Jr. have high praise for the Jordan Brand collaboration. Being that it’s the first of it’s kind in soccer it’s pretty good bet that these two icons of sports both present and past are making a statement. “Michael Jordan set the standard for greatness,” says Neymar Jr. “He’s an incredible competitor and a champion. I’ve always admired him, so to collaborate with him and have his icon on my boots means a great deal to me.” The praise is returned from Jordan himself, who said, “I’m excited that Neymar and the Jordan Brand are working together. I’m a fan of his creativity, style and passion for the game of soccer. He’s a special player and I look forward to this collaboration.” You can start ordering on the collection today on the Nike Football App and June 3 on