Meet The Fabulous LM1 By MB&F Designer Alain Silberstein A Time-Piece



The Legacy Machine No. 1 is MB&F ( LM1 ) has emerged with a new craftsmanship by French designer Alain Silberstein. Featuring an ultra clear sapphire crystal that caresses the balance bridge of the LM1 without closing out detailing. You get to admire the color, profound circles on the watches front, that house yellow, blue, and red accents hues that enhance the minimalistic look that is still modern leaning. There is a very limited amount of units that will be sold, exactly 12 coming in 5 Titanium, 18k Red Gold Colors, and Black PVD Titanium. You can head over to MB&F for more information on obtaining one. As a gamer this is the style that fits our tastes, and although comes at a premium where we have to decide on gaming needs or lifestyle ones. I’ve always said that every guy deserves a great watch. The Legacy Machine is like a high end PC card. If you can get it? Well you know the rest.