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Fan “Fixed” Assassins Creed Music Movie Trailer Is Horrible

Fan “Fixed” Assassins Creed Music Movie Trailer Is Horrible

by May 27, 2016 Platforms

Assassins-Creed-Movie-PosterBefore I get into the hate for Kanye West I’ll deal with the so called “fixed” version of Assassin’s Creed’s movie trailer, and why it does not work. Actually, why it’s horrible. Constructively the music does not work with the movie trailer, nor the overall theme and concept of what Assassin’s Creed is all about. For some people, those misinformed, but also haters for no reason. Assassin’s Creed is both a historical fictional Ip, and futuristic one at the same time. The game has always dealt with the idea of time travel, the ability to manipulate the human mind, reconfigure, and play out the past. At the same time the game has always dealt religious theology on a very deep level that challenges the control of power within society. As an evolutionary systematic mechanism that is geopolitical in nature Assassins Creed asks the question what is freedom in a hypocritical society? What is the role of God as both a concept of faith, spirituality, and a device of manipulation/greed? Is there life after death? Is the idea of reincarnation true? Are we the product of all that has come before us? What is man’s relationship to God, and what is the responsibility of religion against persecution? The fan “fixed” version speaks to none of this, and is a chop, chop fan hater creation.

Templars vs Assassins from the very first Assassin’s Creed was something that really made for a striking identity for an action game. Add in elements of gameplay mechanics such as Parkour; the game set a standard for story telling via gameplay that to this day is still very ambitious. Hence why making it an annual series has hurt the quality of the brand over the years. Except this post is less about the game, and it’s brand, or how Ubisoft may have milked the cow a bit too much over the years. Nonetheless, the quality of the games premise is a fantastic piece of historical game fiction. The Assassin Creed titles have stayed true to form. It’s only right that a movie made from this gaming franchise be equal or better. In itself as a cross media project one. This gaming movie has the chance to transform where the game franchise is, and where it can go if done right. Let’s address the fan made remake of Assassins Creed movie trailer.  The first mistake the fan made with the trailer was that he didn’t create an original piece. Instead he borrowed from Assassins Creed 2 which took place in Italy, had a different ancestor, with a very different thematic push than the Spanish Inquisition which this Assassin’s Creed movie depicts. In fact this movie is much in line with the first Assassin’s Creed game due to the depth of religious themes that controlled society at the time.  an incredible reach of influence that affected not only Spain, but the new world colonization that was happening. Where people were being forced to convert or leave Spain. Indigenous cultures were literally being killed, culled, and having genocide happen as result of non conformance. Forcing many cultures to guard, adapt, disguise their traditions.


Spanish Inquisition (Inquisición española), was established in 1478 by Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile. It was intended to maintain Catholic orthodoxy in their kingdoms and to replace the Medieval Inquisition, which was under Papal control. It became the most substantive of the three different manifestations of the wider Christian Inquisition along with the Roman Inquisition and Portuguese Inquisition. The “Spanish Inquisition” may be defined broadly, operating “in Spain and in all Spanish colonies and territories, which included the Canary Islands, the Spanish Netherlands, the Kingdom of Naples, and all Spanish possessions in North, Central, and South America.” For the period during which Portugal and Spain were under common rule consult Portuguese Inquisition and Goa Inquisition.

The Inquisition was originally intended in large part to ensure the orthodoxy of those who converted from Judaism and Islam. This regulation of the faith of the newly converted was intensified after the royal decrees issued in 1492 and 1502 ordering Jews and Muslims to convert or leave Spain.

Various motives have been proposed for the monarch’s’ decision to found the Inquisition such as increasing political authority, weakening opposition, suppressing conversos, profiting from confiscation of the property of convicted heretics, reducing social tensions, and protecting the kingdom from the danger of a fifth column.

The Spanish Inquisition is often cited in popular literature and history as an example of Catholic intolerance and repression. Modern historians have tended to question earlier and wildly exaggerated accounts concerning the severity of the Inquisition. Henry Kamen asserts that the ‘myth’ of the all-powerful, torture-mad inquisition is largely an invention of nineteenth century Protestant authors with an agenda to discredit the Papacy. Although records are incomplete, about 150,000 persons were charged with crimes by the Inquisition and about 3,000 were executed.


Now knowing about history not having accurate number in terms of those that were charged with crimes, and executed is far more higher than the above quoted numbers are.  We can’t even get accurate numbers today for how many people have been killed as a result of terrorists acts in the Middle East where you have factions of Islamic religion warring with moderates, and governments. The point is that the music replacement has no significance to exactly what Assassins Creed is all about. It does not in any shape form or fashion give off a feeling that the concepts that the games have always held are represented. Yes, it is a piece of music from a game in the franchise, but it does not feel like it’s own thing. Rather, we are seeing in effect a cut/paste solution that really is not complimentary outside of appeasing haters of Kanye. Is it justified? Perhaps, does it replace what Kanye has done as significant? Nope, not in the slightest. There needed to be more. Expecting that from todays audience where hater culture is at an all time high is too much for any self respecting person of thought to get mired in. Making this post longer by adding more about the Spanish Inquisition, and the historical fiction of the Assassins Creed game would only serve to make this post unreadable to a large audience of people who will only want a video  or a 400 word synopsis. For those that will read, I hope you are inspired to look into the Assassins Creed gaming origins.


When Kanye’s verse opens with “I am a God, even though I’m a man of God, my whole life in the hand of God, so ya’ll better quit playing with God”. He sums up the entire quest of the Templars vs The Assassins battle of Assassins Creed. Giving a reference point musically of both what the battle between to two is in the games fictional universe; as well as it’s musical expression. Lending a gravitas that immediately catches the ear. Forcing you to hone in on the trailers visuals. At the same time the sci-fi portion where the philosophy and issues between religion and science are at odds Kayne’s one line gives more context to a trailer than I have seen in a very long time. I could go deeper into just how symbiotic much of the content in the music for the trailer makes sense, but that would extend this post beyond what it’s intended to do; which for all intents and purposes is to lay claim that Kayne is the latest black artist from Hip-hop who is mainstream to be hated on in gaming. If we back up a bit, this isn’t Kanye latest embarrassing string of hate that gamers have laughed at. The admission by “No Man’s Sky” developer of Hello Games Sean Murray that he stood up a meeting with Kanye several E3’s ago was meet with a resounding applause. It made me wonder why, and there was never really any reasoning that made sense. Add in the fact that Kayne recently acknowledged that his next project would be called Turbografx-16. In a Twitter conversation Kanye explained his love for the beleaguered 16-bit console.


Kanye’s involvement with the games movie came as complete shock. There was no big announcement, or proclamation of celebrity added. Kanye is a very interesting choice, because yes there are many other artists, and genres of music to pull from. Fantastic records that could have equally fit. This acknowledgement does not devalue Kanye West’s contribution. Like previously stated, and explained. Kanye’s music adds the candor and edge that only Hip-hop as a genre can deliver. An artist who is still at the top of his game, with the ability to bring a daring honesty to a piece of art that is very controversial. Not to mention that Hip-hop is still relevant as an art form, and mainstream vehicle for capturing audiences. Kanye has had his dabbling’s in gaming, but he’s always been meet with contempt. He’s not the only one though; the protective shield that gamers have is very similar but much more disciplined. Fans of Hip-hop are the same, but tend sometimes to like the fortitude to evolve their convictions in a way that transforms the medium. Instead, troupes, and conformity tends to be the norm. Gaming can get like this, but today we are seeing a level of diversity in gaming that you don’t see in any other entertainment medium. Gamers hold that sacred. I would say that if there is one artist who understands this would be Kanye. I can’t vouch for him, but I would assume someone who can see the innovation in a title like “No man’s sky” would be receptive to why gamers feel the way they do. Then again, there is something magical about Hello games new game that mainstream leaning sensibilities are piqued. My point is that Kanye has the breadth of understanding to be a contributor to our medium than a detractor. Now I can’t say it’s a full on attack on the music genre, as much as it is willingness to keep the nonsense of Hip-hop away from gaming. Kanye, has tendency to some real nonsensical things that just rub people the wrong way. You can’t take the good of Kanye without the bad. His reputation precedes him across all levels. For gamers there’s only but so much fuckery we can take from celebrities associated with our pastime.


Overall my conclusion is that gamers are still walled off in what they believe to be on their territory and celebrities passing off as gamers without the perceived cred is a parasite. If the fan actually remade a remarkable trailer. I would have been on the bandwagon for pushing Kanye aside. Contextually I can’t. It took me a while to really get a grip on the trailer, and Kanye’s association. I found it to be so on point. On one hand I understand completely where gamers are coming from. On the other in evaluation outside of mob mentality of gamers, the criticism/hate is way to cynical and does not take into account that Kayne; some others like him can have something to offer gamers in their art that does compliment our gaming tastes. Cynicism to change these days hurts gamers, because for generations the association has been blurred between celebrity and gaming. The demand for quality has, and should always be meet from the commitment of how and what we spend our money on. In the case of Kanye West, I believe he adds value to what seems like the best game to movie adaptation we’ve seen yet. With that said, as popular as gaming is today; there is still an element of underground, do it yourself to the both the audience and the creation of games that Kayne needs to pay his dues on.  The way should be on that endears gamers too him as opposed to just announcing his arrival. That takes some ground work not unlike what you do on a promo run for new album/mixtape. Talk to the people, I mean really talk, and be there. Kanye can make it one in which we all fall like victims of his latest fashion lines. Gamers are way more securitizing, and unforgiving of our passion. So no there is no pass, but there is path for Kayne to be respected for his work, and whatever contribution he make to gaming, but they have to make our medium better. Otherwise no matter how on point his creative additions are, gamers will scorn everything gaming he attempts to be apart of.assas



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