Killer Instinct Kim Wu Stage Pays Homage To “Big Trouble In Little China” Movie







After watching trailers for the upcoming season 3 of Killer Instinct on the Xbox One I had this nagging feeling of seeing Kim Wu’s stage before. For whatever reason I couldn’t place where and why. My mind had to wonder back into childhood for all my kung fu, ninja movie, and show watching catalog. I went to bed the other night, and jumped out literally saying “Big Trouble In little China!”. Crazy to get awoke by that thought at 4:00 am. Needless to say feeling relived the next day after getting a proper rest back I went searching for the movie.  Although Kim Wu’s stage was influenced by the classic Kurt Russel flick, you wont’ find a blatant knock off. Interesting enough, the movie also reminded me where Mortal Kombat got the inspiration for Raiden, and Shang Tsung; who was a powerful sorcerer villain in the classic game series.




When you talk about classic 80’s movies if “Big Trouble In Little China” is not in the discussion then the entire conversation is null and void. Kurt Russell was and is one of the most captivating “not trying to be funny, but is” actors of his generation. He was the Ryan Reynolds of the 80’s. Kim Wu’s reluctant but all for it heroine attitude is even similar to Kurt Russell’s character.