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Nature ‘The Ashtray Effect 3’- Mixtape

Nature ‘The Ashtray Effect 3’- Mixtape

by November 18, 2015 Boombox Gamer


Nature still gets love. The kind that makes people say “Yo Nat honestly, you one of the doppest, what happened?” They don’t say it with disrespect more like looking forward to a comeback. One of the illest word plays of an artist from the early 2000. There were heaps of expectations. Sometimes tho, growth has to come when you look around, and see that what you are still is possible. Just adapt, don’t change. Nature seems to be on his path to redemption. Truth be told he’s the one everyone is rooting for. “The Astray Effect” symbolically comes across like a pound to the past, with an eye towards bridging the gap of tomorrow. “Who I Made It For” is my favorite track on the whole tape. For the most part the mix-tape is a throwback. It’s vintage Nature.

I’d like in the future to see Nature with the likes of Mobb Deep production, Q-Tip, DJ Mustard, Nottz Raw, Metro Boomin, Sage The Gemini, and several others. You may think this to be odd of me with such a broad list of producers, roll with me. I’ve listened to Nature enough to know that he hasn’t scratched the surface of his ability. Not potential, I’m talking ability. If he can talk to the generations with perspective. You’d have a beast of a project. Just my thoughts. I’ll get back to enjoy what Nature gave us. Solid music.


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