Halo 5 Guardians: Red vs Blue Opening Cinematic’s



Make no mistake about it Halo 5 has to be epic. Out the gate Microsoft, and 343 Industries must firmly establish that Halo 4 was not a fluke or some aberration built upon the mystic of what Halo was; rather what it can evolve into. The type of franchise that no longer is lead by sequels. Instead, 343 Industries has decided to embark on a saga. Thus creating a future for Halo that is predicated on both what the universe is transforming into, and most importantly how gamers are playing. What we have seen of Halo 5 in preview form has reignited fervor, and fandom in the community of FPS gaming. Halo fans are about as happy as a pig in a mud slide can be. They want Halo 5 all over their being. I guess a Red Team vs Blue Team opening cinematic will do just fine to whet the appetite. Not much is known about the Red Team’s prowess outside of those who have read the books, and know the characters in the squad. Their opening…Well let’s just say Master Chief and Blue Team have a head-start for a reason.

Blue Team Cinematic-

Red Team Cinematic-