Balenciaga Introduces It’s Multimaterial Neoprene High Sneaker



Let’s keep it 98 with 2 more %. Most gamers are not going to be looking to purchase a Balenciaga anything. When you are talking about products that sell well over $500 for a pair of kicks. It’s hard for gamers to justify a purchase when they can spend that mulla on games. Gamers balked at a $500 dollar Xbox One, and a $600 dollar PS3 last generation. That does not mean in any form or fashion that gamer’s won’t spend money. On fashion? Well there is a small audience for such extravagance. To that audience I introduce the Multimaterial Neoprene High Top Sneaker. The high end fashion brand delivers a sock-like neoprene lining for ankle support. Functional and stylish the multimaterial composition is built with both premium leather and neoprene. The sneakers are comfortable so they offer up a snug fit. Nice…Like I said though, the pricing is a bit high, and for many gamers a complete turn off for others though you can cat these Balenciaga’s retailing for $795 USD,