Lacoste: Life Is A Beautiful Sport… Is This The Right Campaign Slogan?



“Life Is A Beautiful Sport” is Lacoste current campaign slogan; with a released video back on February 7th 2014. The Crocodile fashion brand has always been on the forefront of imaginative creative that conveys the brands identity while translating the collection at the moment today. The brand has a great knack for escaping the trappings of getting tunnel vision with yearly fashion trends. They are in what I like to call the “modern classic” lane. Lacoste finds way to reinvent, but this time around there is a bit of confusion with the creative intent. One could argue that “Take A Leap Of Faith” would fit better for the campaign slogan, as every single aspect of the creative speaks to the idea of taking on the unknown, and going for it. So the question has to be asked. Where is the sport in the campaign?

Lacoste has a high end vestige that makes you aspire to wear the brand. Selecting pieces that make sense to your style is never hard, because there is always something in their collections that make sense no matter your taste. At heart Lacoste is sporty. So for me the brand fits in with the current trend of athletic fashion wear, so it would have been nice to see that in the creative. You have to wonder, and ask though; did Lacoste want to move away from sport aspect of their brand, and just embrace the courage to reach for what you want? I would say the creative is ultra slick, and moving in that sensibility more so than trying to make a direct connection to being sporty. If that’s the case, then the creative succeeds in conveying that intent. In fact I got so caught up with the video that I honestly had to think about the messaging of it, vs. the campaign slogan after several viewings. At the end of the day Lacoste can do no wrong for a large majority of people interested in their brand. I would have to include myself in that. For folks like myself it’s all about the Croc.