WWE Superstar Ultimate Warrior Look Back



This past Tuesday the Ultimate Warrior who appeared for the first time in the WWF in 1987 rocketed to stardom for fans on the entertainment show. Becoming one of the most memorable and enduring characters of the wrestling sport show. James Brian Hellwig was his real name. He lived a life on full tilt made of more than just a facepaint, and strings. He was a passionate icon for an era that believed so much in heroes that sometimes real life was totally misplaced when it came to perspective. Unfortunately James untimely death is part of long history of former wrestling stars passing away are relatively young ages.With so much left to give to the world. Last year 2K Sports forever made him live by adding him into WWE wrestling game; where he participated in many marketing & promotional activities to promote the game. We do our little part to eulogize the James and his Ultimate Warrior character in pictures and some video. Enjoy & I hope you get inspired to live your life fully. Its short.Ultimate-Warrior-Dies o-ULTIMATE-WARRIOR-facebook

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